Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Joseph Cruise, Explains His Tummy Tuck Belly Button Technique

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A successful tummy tuck result requires exceptional re-creation of the belly button for a natural look.

“A belly button that is too big, stretched out, positioned too high or low, has no hooding, or displays a visible incision are tell-tale signs a person had tummy tuck surgery. My designer belly button ensures the most natural belly button result” - Dr. Cruise

The goal of most patients considering a tummy tuck is to improve issues such as loose skin, stubborn fat, and stretch marks. An abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) is a wonderful procedure for achieving a flat firmer abdomen and a more attractive body contour.

The key to a great result is ensuring the look is naturally beautiful, not operated on. This takes more than removing excess fat and skin, and tightening the abdominal muscles. The most overlooked part of a tummy tuck that can make or break the result is the belly button. Yes, the belly button!

The navel is the focal point of the abdomen and the first thing people see when your tummy is exposed. As such, the belly button must look natural so you can look and feel confident when wearing a bathing suit or clothing that exposes your midriff.

Achieving a natural looking belly button with tummy tuck surgery is one of the highest priorities for Newport Beach plastic surgeon Dr. Joseph Cruise. His designer belly button is coveted by patients who desire the best tummy tuck results available.

Top 4 Techniques for a Beautiful Belly Button

Create hooding so it is not an open round hole
Incision hidden inside
Trajectory facing slightly downward
Removable sutures to avoid track marks

Dr. Cruise uses these 4 superior techniques when “creating” the belly button during his tummy tuck procedures. The belly button is one of the focal points of a beautiful tummy tuck result. Understanding the importance of creating an attractive natural belly button is one factor that distinguishes the expertise of a plastic surgeon such as Dr. Cruise.

Generally speaking, the preferred look of a belly button is the “innie." For Dr. Cruise, this means attention to detail when creating a natural depth within the belly button with a smooth hooding of skin and no visible incision. Dr. Cruise’s goal is to provide his patients with the most natural appearing belly button for their body so no one can detect they had tummy tuck surgery. This takes surgical precision not found with all plastic surgeons. There is a lot of finesse and skill that goes into creating a belly button that is aesthetically pleasing.

Dr. Cruise’s patients love their tummy tuck results, especially their attractive natural belly buttons! If you want to restore your mid-section with a tummy tuck and improve your confidence, contact Cruise Plastic Surgery today at 949-644-4808.

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