Nex Flow™ Makes Latest Breakthrough in Compressed Air Nozzle Design Increasing Safety, Efficiency and Durability

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New Nex Flow™ Air Mag™ Compressed Nozzle Design saves energy, lowers noise levels and enhances safety in factory environments. Ideal for blow guns to improve effectiveness and ease of use.

New patented design of the Air Mag™ Nozzle gives it the highest efficiency and longest working distance of any air nozzle currently known

When blowing with compressed air – it is still common to see air blasting out of an open pipe or tube because it is easy and cheap. Yet – this method is less efficient and can be unsafe for operators. Recently, Nex Flow™ had a breakthrough in nozzle design and patented the specially engineered Air Mag™ Air Nozzle. It is currently the unit with the highest force/SCFM available in the market with improvements from the standard bullet and traditional cone shaped designs -

Brief Background

Compressed air is a subject of great mystery to many factory operations. It is a costly utility; however, its importance is often ignored because air is practically invisible to the eyes. When blowing with open tube or pipe – air exits with turbulence, thus taking away the high-pressure effect with force dissipating after a very short distance. Often times - blowing without engineered accessories also violates safety standards with noise level well above 85 dbA. This is why various engineered nozzles were designed.

There are basically two types of nozzles available - an older cone shaped design where air exits from the bottom of the “cone” and a bullet shaped design. The Air Mag™ modifies the bullet shaped design improving on safety, efficiency and durability.

The Air Mag™ Enhancement

Although both the cone and bullet designs reduce energy consumption, noise level and meet the OSHA dead-end pressure requirements - many issues still arise especially with the bullet design. With thorough research - Nex Flow Air Products Corp. developed the Air Mag nozzle range to improve the following features:

1. Thick fins added to the outer body with calculated geometry to make the nozzle more safe and sturdy without sacrificing blow-off force and efficiency. The fins protect the nozzle making it longer lasting and also prevent exiting air from being accidentally blocked by the operator’s hand.

2. Compact 1-piece design for greater strength. This takes away the chance of breaking and exploding from the traditional 2-piece design.

3. Better engineered surface to boost the Coanda effect providing superior laminar flow and high velocity at less air consumption. Tested to provide between 10-20% more force per unit of air consumed compared to other bullet shaped nozzles.

4. Patented hole design to minimize turbulence and maximize efficiency allowing exit air to reach target with zero drag. The design allows for a wider flow profile with force equal to competitive nozzles even when blowing at a greater distance.

5. Widely spaced fins for easy cleaning and to minimize dusts and other particles from collecting on the unit. At the same time – limiting maintenance requirements to work at optimum for longer.

As nozzles are not created equal. Factories that use engineered air nozzles are shy to replace whatever is currently used because alternates often do not perform at the same level. The Air Mag nozzle series are designed with the goal of “getting the nozzle to perform equal to or better than any alternative engineered nozzle at a competitive and reasonable price.”

In cases, where drilled or open pipes are still used for blowing with compressed air, any type of air nozzles will definitely help with energy savings, compliance with necessary standards and noise level reduction.

About Nex Flow™

Nex Flow™ Air Products Corp. ( was founded by Les Rapchak with the goal of clearing up many misconceptions and often incorrect concepts in using compressed air for blow off, cleaning, drying, cooling and moving. To assist in achieving this goal, Les also posts articles and educational videos on LinkedIn.

The company has trained representatives globally to assist in all compressed air applications. Nex Flow also engage in ongoing research with educational institutions to improve the technology and develop new products as well as to create a more knowledgeable next generation in the use of compressed air. Nex Flow is trusted around the globe by many major companies with trained representatives to assist through various distribution channels.

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