NotMe Solutions, Inc. (#NotMe) Launches Groundbreaking Compliance Tool as Corporate Compliance Obligations Skyrocket

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Google’s former Chief Compliance Officer and #NotMe Advisor Andy Hinton Calls #NotMe a Game Changer for Enterprise Compliance

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#NotMe encourages a speak up culture, and "has the potential to revolutionize the compliance space," states Andy Hinton.

NotMe Solutions, Inc. (#NotMe), a resolution-seeking mobile misconduct reporting solution, announced today the rollout of an innovative compliance tool to help enterprise organizations across all industries improve the quality and efficiency of their compliance programs. Companies are looking for actionable ways to promote a speak up culture; and #NotMe’s tool arrives right on time, as companies seek a helping hand to up-level their approach and make positive systemic change.

Mounting compliance obligations and heightened regulatory and legal oversight, paired with a global pandemic, have made corporate compliance a growing, daunting demand. Noncompliance costs corporations deep dollars each year. Costs begin with fines, but losses quickly mount through eroded consumer trust, reduced employee morale, and lost competitive advantage, leading to a decrease in investor confidence and, ultimately, share prices. Fortunately for Chief Compliance Officers (CCOs), #NotMe’s customizable new compliance reporting app offers deep data insights that aim to revolutionize the way compliance is successfully run within organizations today.

Statistics from the Ethics & Compliance Initiative* found that favorable ethics outcomes increase by 14 times when employees are encouraged to speak up. #NotMe’s compliance approach encourages active participation from everyone involved in the organization’s ecosystem, from employees to vendors to suppliers to customers; including shareholders of the organization. With #NotMe, CCOs are no longer alone in ensuring compliance is properly handled. All stakeholders are encouraged to speak up in the reporting of compliance issues through the #NotMe app, demonstrating that corporations do care about and will seek resolution of issues brought forward. #NotMe’s mere presence is proven to reduce missteps, as well.

Google’s former Chief Compliance Officer and #NotMe Advisor Andy Hinton played an integral role in the development of the new compliance tool. “What is unique about #NotMe’s approach is that it makes it simple for anyone to report an issue, whether the reporter is an employee, a customer, or a vendor, regardless of whether the organization subscribes to #NotMe or not. And that reporter can easily, quickly, and safely, right from their phone, bring an issue of concern to the attention of the CCO, hopefully before it reaches a boiling point or front page news.

Issues reported may include suspected instances of corruption or bribery, conflicts of interest concerns, topics pertaining to vendors or suppliers, COVID-19 compliance, discrimination and harassment issues, trade-related matters, and privacy and security incidents, among others. I spent a long part of my career working in compliance & ethics and am thrilled to see this groundbreaking compliance tool now available for organizations to demo and adopt. #NotMe has the potential to revolutionize the compliance space,” said Andy Hinton.

Since compliance has become a board-level mandate, it adds a demanding workload for compliance teams to produce regular reports to the board to support its obligation to oversee the organization’s risk management efforts. #NotMe’s comprehensive AI dashboard with automated data insights and reporting helps lessen this burden on compliance teams and empowers organizations and their boards to focus less time on process and more time on taking action on issues that matter.

“We realized that the tools we launched in 2018 for reporting of corporate workplace misconduct naturally carried over to benefit the compliance space,” said Ariel Weindling, CEO and Founder of #NotMe. “Our approach has always been about empowerment, accountability, and transparency; and with Andy’s expertise, it was necessary and important to customize our system into a product and tool that CCOs and organizations who care about compliance and care about their people would want on their side.”

#NotMe’s technology goes a long way toward improving compliance efficiency and effectiveness. #NotMe’s automating controls can help lower costs and increase reliability. #NotMe’s workflow capabilities facilitate compliance process execution and tracking and promote individual accountability, allowing users to execute, document, and track compliance activities in multiple areas from a single point of access.

“#NotMe’s reporting and dashboard tools consolidate compliance information from sources across the enterprise and display key compliance risk and performance indicators in an intuitive and board-friendly format. Combined with #NotMe’s analytics and data visualization tools that support smarter risk-related decision making, the platform is, in my opinion, a game changer for enterprise compliance,” added Hinton.

About NotMe Solutions: Founded in 2017 and based in Los Angeles, #NotMe ( is a supportive and open platform, focused on prevention and reporting, empowering speak up cultures around compliance, racism, misconduct, harassment, discrimination, bullying and other injustices, directly from a mobile app. #NotMe's AI-powered dashboard enables organizations to store, sort and prioritize reports, and identify patterns of concern earlier to help build transparency and prevent escalated, costly issues down the road. To learn more or request a demo of #NotMe to see how it can be customized and adopted in your organization, visit

*Ethics & Compliance Initiative

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