Novel, Nanotechnology-enabled, Naturally-based test formula restores full hair density in two previously balding study subjects

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Discovery Could Lead to More Effective Treatments according to ART Inc.

In the current issue of the peer-reviewed scientific Journal, Cosmetics, investigators showed that a new, novel, nanotechnology-enabled, naturally-based formula, XP5a, restored full density scalp hair in two previously balding test subjects.

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Naturally Based, with Nanotechnology Delivery Vector

The new study, conducted in collaboration between Advanced Restoration Technologies Inc. Mesa, AZ (ART) & Bauman Medical Group, Boca Raton, FL, tested the Group’s proprietary composition XP5a in two previously balding study subjects and found it restored full density scalp hair in both individuals. Based on a combination of betasitosterol, genistein, gamma linoleic acid and lipoic acid, the test composition was carefully embedded within a naturally-based ‘beta cyclodextrin’ nanovector. Prior to this approach, efforts to use these natural substances were less than totally successful. The study describes the problem thusly “In summary, multiple lines of evidence suggest that without protective mechanisms, hair growth formulas built upon a foundation of natural phytochemicals tend to be denatured, converted, inactivated, poorly absorbed, and/or simply excreted.”

Corresponding author Geno Marcovici observes that “it seems that one key to unlocking the full potential of naturally derived active compounds may rest in the careful deployment of nanotechnology.” By combining naturally-based anti-inflammatory agents with potent 5AR inhibitors in this unique nanovector, the test composition appears to have demonstrated unprecedented clinical efficacy. The study investigators suggest that “commercialization of products arising from this work may best be deployed in the setting of professional point of service facilities – such as surgical hair restoration clinics.”

Comparison to Finasteride

Finasteride, marketed in 1 mg dosage under the trade name Propecia™ and in 5 mg dosage under the trade name Proscar™ constitutes the most widely prescribed oral drug for both pattern hair loss and BPH, respectively. While shown to be clinically effective, finasteride has also been associated with serious negative side effects, and the medication is not available for use by females.

Comparison to Minoxidil

Minoxidil, originally developed as an antihypertensive, and marketed under the trade name Rogaine™, represents the most widely prescribed topical medication drug for both pattern hair loss in men as well as women. Proven to be clinically effective, minoxidil, like finasteride, has been linked with negative side effects, including pyomyalgia syndrome.    

About Bauman Medical Hair Loss Treatment Center

Acting as both a surgical Hair Restoration and Research Center, Bauman Medical has successfully treated more than 17,000 hair loss affected patients. Coauthor for the study Alan Bauman, M.D. has been at the forefront of surgical hair restoration since first opening his clinic in 1997.

About Advanced Restoration Technologies, Inc. (ART)

Prior to focusing on basic science research in 2001, ART established a 10-year track record as a surgical center for IRB-monitored clinical investigation, testing new drugs as well as medical devices. The company’s published studies include those undertaken in collaboration with University of Chicago School of Medicine, SUNY University of Albany, Center for Functional Genomics, Albany, NY, Organogenesis, Canton, MA and Procyte Corporation, Kirkland, WA.

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