Nsure.com, the First Licensed, Digital Home/Auto Insurance Agency, Expedites Home Insurance Purchase by Integrating Wind Mitigation-4 Point Inspections in Online Process

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Nsure.com's online application process and notifications saves time and money for consumers seeking home insurance and provides automatic scheduling updates for many important items such as wind and 4 point inspections


"By using Nsure.com consumers can speed up and simplify the inspection process by arranging for such reports at the exact same time they are applying for homeowners insurance,” said Wojtek Gudaszewski, Co-Founder and CEO of Nsure.com.

Nsure.com, America’s first digital home and auto insurance agency, operating throughout the State of Florida, today announced it has partnered with multiple statewide Wind Mitigation and 4 Point Inspection companies to remove the hassle of arranging inspections by customers and expedite the home insurance purchasing process. This is critically important for Florida residents who annually deal with hurricanes.

Consumers working through Nsure.com will have the required inspections identified during the online application process. They will also be able to schedule these inspections in a timely manner (usually within 24 hours). That will help make the process of binding far more efficient and hassle free.

“Consumers have told us they find the process of obtaining Wind Mitigation and 4 Point Inspection Reports difficult and hard to arrange on their own. By using Nsure.com consumers can speed up and simplify that process by arranging for such reports at the exact same time they are applying for homeowners insurance,” said Wojtek Gudaszewski, Co-Founder and CEO of Nsure.com.

A Wind Mitigation Inspection documents wind-resistant features of a home and is extremely important as it allows homeowners to receive significant discounts for their home insurance premiums… very often 60% or more. Inspectors look for wind-resistant features of a home, such as: hurricane impact windows and doors, hurricane shutters, the age and shape of the roof, roof covering, etc. These features can reduce the amount of damage a home may suffer in the event of a hurricane or strong windstorm.

“We always educate consumers about the importance of Wind Mitigation Inspection reports and their impact on reducing insurance premiums. We are surprised that so many homeowners were previously insured without Wind Mitigation credits and as a result it’s unfortunate they were overpaying significantly for their home insurance,” said Adrian Dzielnicki, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Nsure.com. “We are finding savings for about two-thirds of our customers,” added Dzielnicki.

Beyond Wind Mitigation, the other very important inspection is the 4 Point Inspection. Most insurance companies require 4 Point Inspections to provide insurance coverage for homes older than 30 years. They want to know that an older home has been well maintained and the 4 major systems in the home are in good working condition. These 4 major systems include: Roof, Electrical Wiring and Panels, Plumbing, HVAC.

In addition to Wind Mitigation and 4 Point Inspections, many homeowners will need additional inspections and reports including an Elevation Certificate for homes located in high-risk flood zones.

“All these inspections must be performed by certified independent inspectors. Nsure.com partnering with multiple statewide inspection companies removes the hassle of our customers having to arrange inspections on their own and expedites the home insurance purchasing process,” said Dzielnicki.

It is estimated that Americans overspend for their home and auto insurance by $30 billion annually. Beyond that, the current insurance purchase and inspection processes are time consuming, not transparent, and often results in fake insurance quotes and constant spam and sales pitches.

Nsure.com, http://www.nsure.com, is finally changing the way Floridians can buy home and auto insurance for good. The fully-licensed company has introduced technology that promises time- and cost-savings (up to 45%) to consumers by providing them instant – real, not estimated – quote comparisons for home and auto insurance through a user-friendly digital platform that can complete an entire purchase within minutes.

Nsure.com uses proprietary technology that generates free, real-time quotes from up to 25 different carriers in a matter of seconds. That technology auto-fills most data in any application – from VIN numbers to home construction information – thereby dramatically expediting the process and delivering a hassle-free customer experience.

Nsure.com’s technology also simplifies the entire insurance buying experience while creating the transparency customers want and the insurance industry has needed. Customers can now compare similar policies from multiple insurers side-by-side and purchase the most attractive one in as little as five minutes. When it's time for a policy renewal, Nsure.com automatically informs customers about the best offers in the market before their policy expires.

Among the other benefits of purchasing through Nsure.com is the ability to compare insurance prices in three coverage options. And, with a simple slide bar/drop-down menu, customers can immediately increase or decrease coverage and deductibles to receive custom quotes to fit their needs. Furthermore, the company uses data mining technology to automatically recommend the right coverage levels.

All policy, transaction information and quotations are stored on a buyer's own secure Nsure.com account. The buyer can request policy changes or cancellations anytime. The company does have licensed insurance agents available to answer any questions, and guide clients through the claims process. These agents are not salesmen; they are highly trained, licensed specialists trained to help customers with any insurance question.

The Nsure.com service is available only to Floridians right now. The all-digital company has plans to expand its offerings – and geographic reach – in the coming months.

About Nsure.com
Based in Florida, Nsure.com is the first all-digital licensed insurance agency that provides auto and home insurance via its secure website. Employing the most advanced data technology to track up-to-the-minute, real, not estimated, quotes from more than two dozen insurance carriers, Nsure.com enables customers to take complete control of the insurance buying process on their smartphones, tablets and computers. The company's platform delivers a hassle-free experience, from a streamlined application process and instant quotes to no sales pitches and a simple renewal process that automatically updates quotes just prior to expiration so that customers can take advantage of the best rates and coverage possible.

For more information and to speak with an Nsure.com representative, please contact Shep Doniger at 561-637-5750 and sdoniger(at)bdcginc(dot)com. Visit us on social media at https://www.facebook.com/NsureApp/, https://twitter.com/NsureApp, https://www.linkedin.com/company/nsureapp/

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