Nutritionists Release New Wellness Book - Beyond Body - that Integrates Analytics into a Personalized Nutrition, Exercise and Mental Health Programs

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A group of nutritionists and physical trainers have unveiled a new wellness book that integrates analytics into a hardcover book.

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Beyond Body: The Personalized Wellness Book for (First & Last Name)

"This hardcover book gives everyone a personal map to help them achieve their physical health and mental health goals." ~ Christine Zalnieraite

A group of nutritionists and physical trainers have unveiled a new wellness book - Beyond Body - that integrates analytics into a hardcover book that provides personalized nutrition and exercise programs based on the reader’s individual needs.

Each book is written specifically for the reader based on their individual needs, right down to the title that includes their name.

Beyond Body: The Personalized Wellness Book for (First and Last Name)” takes analytics from a reader’s profile and creates a customized wellness plan for their overall health and desired body needs and body goals. It’s the first hardcover book to integrate analytics into a customized wellness plan based on the reader's physical and mental health. And if a reader has allergies or a health condition, the content incorporates their personal situation into the book.

For example, if the reader wants to reach a healthy weight, the book identifies the best plan to ensure the reader gets the vitamins, minerals, nutrients and exercise for their body needs and goals. This personalized content not only helps readers achieve their desired goals but also improves their overall well-being. Customized exercise programs also help readers tone targeted areas, along with the whole body. So if a reader doesn’t like the size of her legs, the exercise program will be customized to improve that part of the body.

Analytics from the book show more than 1.2 million women said they didn’t like the size of their legs, while 1.8 million women wanted to get rid of belly fat.

Cristine Zalnieraite is one of several nutritionists who wrote and created nutrition programs for the book.

“A lot of people said this wouldn’t work because we aren’t professional writers, but we are experts in our field,” said Zalnieraite. “We know nutrition and physical training better than anyone. One size does not fit all with nutrition and body shapes. This hardcover book gives everyone a personal map to help them achieve their physical health and mental health goals.”

Laura Braziulyte worked on the fitness training part of the book. She says their book has illustrations with each exercise description, making it easier for readers to follow.

“Research shows we retain more information when we see it,” said Braziulyte. “This hardcover book doesn’t get old, and it doesn’t end with a chapter. The exercise program can literally be used as long a person wants, with new exercise routines for every week of the month. And if readers want to progress further, they just add extra weights or increase exercise repetitions.”

This is the second book that Cristine Zalnieraite, Laura Braziulyte and their nutrition colleagues put together. Their first weight loss book, Perfect Body’s DNA, has sold more than 200,000 books.

Madeline Wilson got her advanced copy, Beyond Body: The Personalized Wellness Book for Madeline Wilson, in February. She started the exercise and nutrition programs in the book, and says it’s been easier to follow.

“There’s something about reading a physical book that helps me retain the information better,” said Wilson. “I can easily turn to different chapters on nutrition or when I want to work out, I can turn to the chapter and follow a specialized program for that day of the week. I’ve also learned a lot about my body type and what I need to do to achieve my physical and health goals.”

How Analytics are Integrated into the Hardcover Book

Readers must answer 26 personalized questions online to begin the story for their book. The questions were created by the nutritionists and physical trainers to help them better assess their nutrition, physical and mental health situation. Each book is individually produced based on the reader’s responses to the questions.

The analytics assessment begins with questions on areas the reader wants to improve. It continues with more in-depth questions on their sleep habits, stress levels, alcohol consumption, as well as health conditions or diseases the reader may have.

“A woman who wants to maintain her weight has different nutrition needs than a woman of the same age who wants to get in shape,” said Zalnieraite. “With our new book, we’ve expanded our programs to include the mental health of readers. We’re all under more stress these days, and there are foods, exercises and breathing routines individuals can do to help with this.”

Readers interested in purchasing a book can buy it at

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