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“Many insurance companies are taking advantage of their loyal customers and they are charging extra on their policies. To avoid that, policyholders should scan the insurance market every 6 months”, said Russell Rabichev, Marketing Director of Internet Marketing Company. has launched a new blog post that explains how drivers can determine if they are overpaying for car insurance.

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Car insurance is an expensive investment for anyone. However, there are many drivers that are paying more than they should on insurance. Drivers should not let insurers take advantage of them.

Drivers can determine if they overpay for insurance if they analyze the next factors:

  • The policyholder hasn’t checked the insurance market for a long time. Drivers should check for better insurance deals every 6 months. If the driver hasn't checked the market in the past year, there are high chances that he is overpaying. Many insurance companies are charging extra on their loyal customers. Insurers do that because they rely on their customers to not periodically check the insurance market. Due to this unfair practice, drivers can lose hundreds of dollars per year.
  • Look for hidden fees in the insurance policy. Drivers should take some time to read and understand their car insurance contracts. Although this sounds boring, drivers can save money if they discover something fishy in their contracts. Some terms or phrases can seem more complicated or harder to understand. In this case, drivers should contact an insurance expert in order to fully understand their contracts.
  • Bad customer support. Car insurance providers' customer support should be of top-notch quality. If the customer support is not working properly and the employees are not willing to cooperate, then drivers are wasting money. Customer services are needed to help policyholders pass through difficult times. The same happens with claims handling. If the claim process is moving slowly or is delayed, then drivers should consider switching their insurers.

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