OnoLiv- New innovative Mobile App for Users to Live Chat With Any Website

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OnoLiv - Now websites only need to integrate live chat button for visitors and visitors only need to install single mobile application for a user for live chat with any websites

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OnoLiv’s patented, useful and problem-solving technology for website visitors is capable of capturing a complete live chat market of over 20 million+ websites spending billions+ to support over 2 billion+ users. OnoLiv single mobile app for user transforms website based live chat to powerful mobile app-based live chat which drastically changes use of live chat, interaction of website or online business with customers and visitors. Like single phone and SMS applications found in all 6 billion smartphones of the world, OnoLiv is Must have App for All Devices of World. Start using a single OnoLiv Live Chat App for live chat support from any website from your mobile device. What’s New and Currently Missing is Single OnoLiv Mobile App for Users for Live Chat With Any Website. OnoLiv - World's First Single Live Chat App for Users for All Websites. Currently, online businesses and websites are very smart and employing each new channel for marketing and supporting customers. Clearly OnoLiv must-have app for enterprise users which is a new channel of communication to support precious visitors and convert them to actual paying, happy customers.

When a person visits a website, they have the option to chat in real-time with the available agents if they have any queries. Often, visitors anonymously connect with these company agents to get immediate answers. However, today, the patented (US10623451) OnoLiv mobile app enables users to connect with live chat agents from any website through one mobile application.

Everyone who has used this feature previously will know that these integrated live chats are poorly constructed, limited, slow, need to refresh while webpage changes and script-based. Moreover, they do not save the previous conversations and fall short of industry standards. These live chats are lacking when it comes to smart clients and single mobile apps for users.

OnoLiv, a new patented app for centralized live chat, ensures efficient service and seamless communication. This app primarily focuses on enhancing customer support through OnoLiv. Users can find all live chats within one single OnoLiv app over web-based current live chat services. There are many advantages of using OnoLiv for centralized live chat with businesses.

1. A single mobile app for users to chat with available agents of any website.
2. Users can automatically view the names of all the currently opened websites in the browser and connect with the available agents to chat.
3. Unobtrusive, standardized interface with saved logs that enable you to access past conversations.
4. Enables access from multiple devices, including desktop.
5. Enables live chat from any device of the user like smartphones and tablets.
6. The users also have the option to chat with agents from multiple websites and online businesses.
7. Users also receive all the features and services of a messaging mobile app.
8. They can connect with agents based on the menu options. You can select the store, department, and branch of the agent to help resolve your query.
9. With just one tap, users can share selective user information with the live chat agents of the selected websites.
10. All advantages of smart mobile application like quick display, updated interface v/s slow refreshing of live chat interface while changing of a webpage in web-based live chat, utilize local storage, 10x faster - bytecode v/s script code, interactive, visual, can employ mobile sensors including GPS, camera, faster typing, sending and receiving messages & different types of media.

OnoLiv is a competitor of WhatsApp Business and offers all the interactive features of an instant messaging app. Moreover, it provides an innovative single place to connect with an available agent of any websites in real-time. Additionally, the patented rights also provide a monopoly advantage to the app.

The websites integrate the “open/install OnoLiv app”, which allows users to install and open the OnoLiv app from the website and use it for real-time live chat with agents of various websites. This innovative solution gives the app platform an upper-hand owing to its already existing user base from the websites. With just one tap of the “OnoLiv” button, the installed mobile app opens and instantly connects to a live chat with your chat agent, ready for use with any website.

Websites just need to integrate “OnoLiv” with websites and apps. Visitors or customers or users of the website just need to tap on the “OnoLiv” button to open the OnoLiv app or install a plugin in one or more browsers of user devices and directly open the app from the user's device and real-time connect with currently viewing website associated available agent for real-time live chat conversation, get support, ask queries and solve problems.

The concept of software-as-a-service has recently taken the tech world by storm, and OnoLiv has taken full advantage of this. Providing an innovative solution in an already existing market is a far more successful approach than starting from scratch. This model has worked for companies, targeting efficient and innovative solutions for an already existing customer base. Over 10 million websites with over 1 billion users currently use website based live chat. Start using the “OnoLiv” app today, and connect with your customers more effectively.

At present OnoLiv application is under development. The app will soon launch on Apple App Store and Google Play Store to prove and validate concepts and attract millions in funding like https://bit.ly/2Lz8HmN. Businesses and end-users can soon pre-registrar with the OnoLiv on Apple App Store and Google Play Store and give their pre-launch reviews.

For any types of enquiry and more details contact:
Mr. Yogesh Rathod (Inventor and Founder of OnoLiv)
Web: https://onoliv.com/

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