Op-Ed Encouraging Easier Pathways for Legal U.S. Immigration Emphasizes Benefits of Immigrants on U.S. Economy, says the Law Offices of Henry A. Posada

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Los Angeles-based immigration attorney Henry A. Posada comments on a recent article that immigration benefits to the U.S. economy are clear: more jobs, more taxpayers, larger economy.

Immigration attorney Henry A. Posada

Throughout the history of the United States, immigration, innovation, and economic growth have been inextricably linked.

A December 4 op-ed from the Times of San Diego argues for easier pathways for immigrants to legally and permanently reside in the United States. The piece notes that, while it’s relatively easy for foreign students to attend American universities and schools, remaining in the United States after the fact is marred by bureaucracy and “antiquated, overly complicated visa programs.” In particular, the op-ed argues for the creation of a “startup visa” that would allow foreign entrepreneurs the ability to legally start businesses on U.S. soil without having to compete for one of the only 85,000 visas that are awarded via lottery each year to immigrants deemed “highly-skilled.” Los Angeles-based immigration attorney Henry A. Posada says that throughout the history of the United States, immigration, innovation, and economic growth have been inextricably linked.

Mr. Posada says that the economic benefits of immigrants are very clear to see—immigrant-owned businesses and inventions contribute massively to the U.S. economy every year. Mr. Posada says that, according to published figures, almost half of all Fortune 500 companies were either founded by immigrants or their children. Moreover, these Fortune 500 companies collectively employ over 13.5 million Americans. There is every reason to think, says Mr. Posada, that immigrants’ dynamism means they punch well above their economic weight in terms of job creation.

The Los Angeles immigration attorney notes that the Fortune 500 obviously doesn’t include the tens of thousands of immigrant-owned small businesses throughout the United States. Most small businesses employ many individuals, each paying taxes and contributing to the overall economy. He says that without the contributions of these countless immigrant-owned small businesses, the U.S. economy would be unlikely to approach the size that it is today.

Mr. Posada says that U.S. immigration law in recent years has increasingly made it harder for immigrants to move to and live within the country. Navigating those seas of bureaucracy and competition without the help of an experienced immigration attorney is exceedingly challenging, if not near-impossible. He concludes that, while the waters can be rough and will not change overnight, opportunities are still bountiful and the future is looking brighter for immigrants looking for success and a better life in the United States.

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