Paper Straw Company Offers the Most Durable Paper Straws on the Market; FSC-Certified Green Planet Straws Perform as Well as Plastic Straws w/o the Harmful Eco Impact

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As the devastating environmental effects of plastic straws become increasingly apparent to consumers, the demand for a safe alternative grows exponentially. The challenge of supplying a growing market with a product that meets environmentally safe standards without compromising quality has led some paper straw manufacturers to deliver less-than-satisfactory results. With the production of its sturdy, FSC-certified paper straws that leave no impact on the environment, Green Planet Straws proves that quality need not suffer in proving consumers with a green alternative to plastic straws.

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The World's Most Durable Paper Straw!

We offer straws constructed of top-quality paper that is fully marine-friendly and environmentally safe on the one hand but also incredibly sturdy on the other.

Across the United States, consumers are taking notice: the harmful effect of single-use plastic items on the planet is increasingly evident and undeniable. In particular, the appearance of plastic straws on beaches, in the ocean, and in the habitats of such marine life as sea turtles and sea birds (many of which die as a result of ingesting plastic straws) has been a wake-up call for many. This disconcerting news, compounded by statistics—that Americans use and discard half a billion plastic straws on a daily basis—have led businesses and private consumers alike to seek an alternative they can live with. But finding an eco-friendly material that can withstand the task—staying intact for the duration as a beverage is enjoyed—has proven a challenge. Green Planet Straws delivers the solution.

“What we offer is a straw constructed of top-quality paper that is fully marine-friendly and environmentally safe on the one hand, but also incredibly sturdy on the other,” says Kevan Johnston, CEO of Green Planet Straws.

The paper utilized by Green Planet Straws is Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) certified, an eco-credential that ensures an environmentally, economically, and socially responsible product sourced from a responsibly managed forest and supply chain that adheres to stringent rules applicable worldwide. Plastic straws rank high among single-use plastic items that are likely to elude proper disposal. Those that wind up in water break down into “micro-plastic” pieces that pollute the water and cause serious harm to marine life. Those that wind up elsewhere do not break down at all. By contrast, Green Planet Straws naturally degrade. Beyond their eco-friendliness, FSC-certified Green Planet Straws deliver a durability uncommon among paper straws currently on the market, meaning they won’t grow soggy, collapse, or begin to disintegrate in the middle of beverage enjoyment.

The environmentally responsible paper straws Green Planet Straws offer are fully customizable for restaurants and retailers, who can select from a variety of colors and sizes and also have their company name and logo printed on the straws. Green Planet Straws works with every client to guarantee supply. That they are sturdy, fully biodegradable, compostable, and recyclable means consumers can go ahead and sip confidently.

“There’s no compromise of conscience, quality, or quantity with Green Planet Straws,” says Kevan Johnston. “There’s just satisfaction—and some peace of mind.”

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