Patsy Gallian, Dallas, Offers Thoughts on Her Company Revivify Revenue Cycle Consulting

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Patsy Gallian, Dallas, offers thoughts on her company Revivify Revenue Cycle Consulting

Business History & Overview

Revivify Revenue Cycle Consulting was founded by Patsy Gallian (Owner/CEO) as a full-service healthcare revenue cycle company. Patsy is a medical billing professional who lives in Dallas, Texas. Patsy’s passion for quality healthcare that embodies her core values without compromising the bottom line has lead to this company blossoming. The values on which the company is built on are as follows:

Always Ethical
Meaningful Communication
Personal Accountability

When Patsy Gallian was a child, she lost her mother to cancer. Swamped with medical bills, and unsure of what to make of them, Patsy’s father struggled in the wake of his wife’s death. At that moment, Patsy knew she had to make a career of helping grieving families by alleviating the stress of understanding and ensuring that their medical bills were processed correctly.

Patsy knew that she wanted to be an advocate for patients and family members that are sick and suffering. She would accomplish this by becoming a bridge between the healthcare provider, patient and the insurance company. Patsy Gallian has 25 years of experience in this field and has found it to be very rewarding. Years ago, while Patsy worked in the oncology department, she had a patient, Peggy, who was particularly memorable. Peggy always showed up to her appointments dressed up and full of life, even while struggling with cancer. The two worked diligently side by side to make sure all of Peggy’s bills and insurance to-dos were taken care of. One day, Patsy received a call from Peggy’s daughter expressing a need to meet right away. When a meeting was scheduled, it was obvious that Peggy was nearing her end. Patsy was able to tell Peggy that she had no outstanding balances, and nothing left to worry about. Peggy thanked Patsy, and the next day passed away. This moving story sticks with Patsy Gallian to this day, reminding her why the work she does to help patients is so impactful.

Medically-Induced Hair Loss
While Patsy Gallian’s company covers many different areas of medical billing, they specialize in medically-induced hair loss and cranial hair prosthesis (wigs). Most of our services offered are directed towards the billing practice surrounding medically-induced hair loss.

Losing hair for some people can strip them of something that makes them unique, and gives them a sense of identity. The company name came from what it truly means to revivify someone’s life. To revivify means to “give new life or vigor to” - just as Patsy Gallian’s company gives to its patients. On another level, Patsy’s company is working to revivify the whole billing process, making it easier and more accessible to those who encounter it.

Many people don’t know that cranial prosthesis are covered by insurance if the hair loss is due to a medically induced reasons such as:


Cranial hair prosthesis falls under the category of DME (durable medical equipment), which goes through a special, and somewhat complicated, process of billing. For this reason, it is often difficult for individuals to understand and bypass this process in order to get a wig covered by their insurance. As such, Patsy Gallian and her team at Revivify Revenue Cycle Consulting use their specialized tools and knowledge to help people get what they need from the process.

RRCC partners with hair salons and stylists to provide people with cranial hair prosthesis after medically induced hair loss. Hair loss is a very personal and devastating thing for some people, especially when coupled with the often severe medical trauma they are enduring. When a complicated billing process and unforgiving insurance policy stand in the way of remedying this loss, it can make a bad experience even worse. Patsy Gallian and her company stand to enforce ethical medical billing and help people get what they are entitled to from their health plan. RRCM will become their advocate with the health insurance company by researching the following with their health plan:

Insurance benefit investigation- call the insurance company to ensure that cranial hair prosthesis is a cover benefit of their plan
If prior authorization is required, we will complete this for the client
Filing of claim, appealing any denials
Coordinate with the insurance carrier for payment of claim

RRCC offers a myriad of services, tailored to the needs of different organizations. Her consulting service offers in-house information and bundled services, while also offering outsourcing options.

DME Billing Compliance Consulting
Medical Compliance refers to an “institution” set up for a healthcare provider to enforce rules and regulations created by the United States Office of Inspector General (OIG), and is a term used in interactions between healthcare providers and medical billers and coders. It is important to be familiar with medical billing and coding rules and regulations if you work in healthcare, and can also be useful to patients seeking medical attention. Here is a resource that provides a cheat sheet for medical billing and coding compliance. Revivify Revenue Cycle DME billing compliance consulting is able to provide clients with resources and services such as reviews and audits for healthcare providers to optimize processes, outsource billing to save time and resources, training of staff, and risk assessments.

Outsourced Billing Services
RRCC also gives clients the opportunity to outsource for things related to specialized billing of services such as home health, home infusion, DME, oncology, specialty pharmacy professional claims. There are many benefits when it comes to outsourcing your medical billing. Outsourcing to professionals saves the time and the headache of assuring your medical billing is following all compliance rules and regulations. It can also alleviate some of the economic burden and pass savings onto the company. Often a smaller, in house billing team is prone to halted work when people are out sick or on vacation. Outsourcing gives you the knowledge that a team of people is working for you to get you consistently fast results and process your bills and claims in a timely manner.

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