Performance Technology Group Owner David M. Corbin Declares 'Get Real or Waste Another Dang Decade!'

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His Back-to-Back WSJ Best-Sellers Inspires Everyone to Dominate 2020 and Beyond!

"What's gratifying is that it appears readers identify with the sense of urgency my books aim to inspire. Deep down, they know it's about dang time to get real, get going, and demand more from their destiny!"

In 2019, the affable author and keynote speaker, David M. Corbin, looked on in astonishment as two of his books scaled the summit of the Wall Street Journal's Best Sellers List. When asked about reaching this prolific pedestal, Corbin replied, "Making the WSJ twice in one calendar year is validating because, as we know, twice is a trend. Truthfully though, the real payoff for me, although an honor, isn't about making a list; it's more about making an impact on those who consume it. What's gratifying is that it appears readers identify with the sense of urgency my books aim to inspire. Deep down, they know it's about dang time to get real, get going, and demand more from their destiny! If my books spark a fire and allow them to begin again more intelligently this year, then it was time well-spent, and I am thrilled with the results."

A former psychotherapist with a background in healthcare, the salubrious DMC is known by colleagues as "The Mentor of Mentors." He makes an organic connection with audiences by practicing what he preaches. “Be a good guy and live a good life.” That's him in a nutshell. A fun-loving jokester with a heart of gold and energy for days. His comedic timing and jovial jabs have affectionately earned him the moniker of the 'consultant-insultant-resultant.' David wears it as a badge of honor and prides himself as a pragmatist for professionals. His keynotes and books focus heavily on 'getting real and taking back sanity in an insane world.'

Although Corbin doesn't take himself too seriously, he urges everyone to heighten self-awareness and reflect before furiously forging ahead in 2020. "Most of us are anxious to hit the refresh button and shovel dirt on the decade of old. I get that says David, but let's pump the brakes and take a personal inventory before we do. This way, 20/20 can also represent the crystal-clear vision we bring with us. Perspective is everything after all, and it's crucial that we accurately identify what hurdles tripped us up and why they made us stumble in the first place. Once the autonomous autopsy is complete, then we can much more accurately acquire a victorious vantage-point when targeting our 'New Year's Resolutions.'

Corbin's best-selling business novel, "Preventing BrandSlaughter: How to Preserve, Support, and Build Your Brand Asset Value," consults readers on how to conduct a personal "ABI" or "Audit of Brand Integrity." It helps gage brand-alignment authenticity or illuminates the lack thereof. The story, well-told through a professional's prism, demonstrates how you are either building or killing your brand in the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd degree! Nothing is neutral. More importantly, it outlines how to recognize brand slaughter to help avoid it, or rectify the wrong and never commit the egregious act again!

Creating a point-system to help keep count is another way to add some checks and balances to your yearly orbit. Enter David and co-author Phil Wexler's latest book of account (so to speak) appropriately entitled "PointCount: From Image to Influence." Yet another WSJ topper, it provides a contemporary look at a classic conversation between Founding Fathers, Thomas Jefferson, Samuel Adams, and John Adams. In an astute sociological observation, our fathers found that within five years of an official societal starting point that 20% of its working-class would own, control, and dominate 80% of its real estate, politics, ideology, and finances. The other 80% is what we now refer to today as the rank-and-file.

Ultimately our patriotic progenitors ascertained that collectively society's upper-crust shared numerous common denominators. PointCount masterfully modernizes this aggregate to appeal to today's professionals. Phil and David render it down to ten key characteristics the readers can keep score on to assess themselves for better or worse. Once you have your point-count, it acts as a catalyst to either extrapolate upon your substantiated strengths or address the identified inadequacies. Corbin wanted to provide people with a proven social scoring system and said, "We, each of us, unconsciously scan people as to these ten qualities to determine if we are interested, disinterested, or ambivalent. For example, one of the ten qualities is height, and obviously, you are at the mercy of genetics on that one. However, there are numerous categories you CAN address! Such as your sense of humor, depth of knowledge, or ability to control tension, just to name a few. Hence you can increase your PointCount, and this book will show you how." I challenge everyone to give it a read, establish your score, and set a target that becomes a resolution to reach by year's end. It's a way to quantify your social skills and manufacture some success in 2020!"

That's why David's rarified air of penning back-to-back bestsellers is so easy to root for. He has our best interest at the center of every book. He added, "I travel a lot, and I'm blessed to talk to all different types of people with different stories and circumstances. Not so surprisingly, there is one universal message starting to prevail. People are tired of platitudes, regurgitated pablum, fake news, and other divisive distractions. They are looking within, taking personal responsibility, and ingesting resources at a frenetic pace. Ideas and strategies such as my books parlayed with the sense of renewal that comes with a new decade can be a powerful transformational force if appropriately harnessed. During my keynotes and consulting work, I am witnessing people who are tapping into that force, and the raw energy is palpable. Personally, I am basking in that glow, and it's refreshing, rejuvenating, and most importantly, it’s REAL! That’s just the soul food I need to stay sustainable for many decades to come!"

David Corbin, known as the 'Mentor to Mentors', award-winning keynote speaker, bestselling author, and advisor to Fortune 50 Leaders, is celebrating his 40th year since starting his business advisory agency on

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