Response to Recent Sony Hacks from Phoenix Reputation Management Firm

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Reputation Maxx, a leading reputation management firm in Phoenix, shares email precautions to prevent professional reputation damage in light of the situation with Sony.

Leading Phoenix reputation management firm shares that if the recent Sony hacks have proven anything, it is that no one is safe on the Internet. Sony is one of the biggest technology companies in the world and yet an outside force was able to access sensitive and private information as explained in this piece by the Verge on December 18th. Among the leaks were a number of emails sent between executives, criticizing celebrities. These emails have now, of course, been splashed all over newspapers, magazines and online publications. The result will surely be that those who made these uncouth comments will have their professional reputations marred. What will damage professional reputations in this is not the leak itself, but the information that was hacked and how these thoughtless comments will affect those who made them.

The truth of the matter is that anyone can fall victim to an online attack. Anyone’s email accounts can be hacked. The problem is that individuals are trusting email to share their personal and sensitive information. The results is that when these types of hacks do happen, individuals are subjected to the fear that comments they have made, secrets they have told, and other sensitive information may make its way to the world wide web. For those who are remotely in the public eye, such as business owners or high-level professionals, a leak like this could be very damaging to their professional reputation.

The good news is that if an individual is careful, they can still protect their professional reputation and email from hacks that are damaging to the way that they look to clients and their communities. Individuals should always be smart about their online usage, and should always employ the best techniques to protect their personal information by using strong passwords, and strong security software. However, the precautions should not stop there.

In the age of immediacy, individuals should consider slowing down. Every email should be calculated, every Tweet carefully planned. Those who fall from grace the fastest are those who have said things carelessly, and this is the same problem being seen in the Sony hack. When individuals communicate through these uncertain channels they should keep in mind that there is always a possibility that what they are saying could make it to a wider audience and should not say anything that they would not want to be shared.

When individuals are mindful about what they share online, it may just be able to save them from a future professional reputation disaster. For more information on protecting and repairing professional reputations with Reputation Maxx, visit

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