Plectica Launches Subtask to Improve Remote Project Management with Customizable Workflows and Visual Task Prioritization

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Features such as effort-value matrix, built-in timelines and integrated calendar fill gaps in other solutions, enabling seamless strategic and tactical project management

Our approach with Subtask is to empower remote teams with greater control and flexibility, to break down and organize projects into smaller bite-sized tasks and debate and decide together what to tackle first, based on the classic effort-value two-by-two matrix.

Plectica LLC, a productivity software company, today launched project management platform Subtask out of Beta. Subtask takes a new approach to project management with features that encourage teams to break projects down into smaller parts, visualize priorities and groupings across several categories instantly, and customize workflows based on the needs of individual teams and organizations.

Departing from online post-it boards like Trello, Subtask allows teams to visualize a task in multiple views such as a timeline / Gantt chart, effort-value priority matrix, and through an integrated calendar. Designed for teams at small to mid-sized companies, Subtask is ideal for anything from simple projects to large complex projects with many moving parts.

Remote, collaborative project management is here to stay. Even post COVID-19, one-fifth of the global workforce could remain completely remote according to a recent survey. As such, remote teams at all organizations need better methods to not just track their work, but a more strategic view of how tasks fit together and a clear understanding of when and where to start.

“A lot of project management software consists of a simple series of forms to fill out and buttons to press when tasks are completed, to give managers a status update,” said CEO Adam Riggs. “Our approach with Subtask is to empower remote teams with greater control and flexibility, to break down and organize projects into smaller bite-sized tasks and debate and decide together what to tackle first, based on the classic effort-value two-by-two matrix. We have received a lot of useful feedback from Beta users that has gone into our product development and are excited to grow the userbase now.”

Key Features:

  • Effort-value Priority Matrix: A differentiated feature unique to Subtask, the priority matrix allows you to identify the costs and benefits of each piece of work and plot them on a grid so you can see the big picture and figure out what to do first.
  • Status Board: Track your progress on a kanban board. Customize your columns and drag and drop tasks to update their status
  • Timeline / Gantt Chart View: Visualize your plan with the built-in timeline view. Easily define and visualize your dependencies to understand which tasks must be done before you can start the next one.
  • Assignment Board: Easily see tasks assigned to everyone on your team so you can prioritize, schedule, and manage progress for everyone at a glance.
  • Integrated Calendar: Switch to calendar view to get a quick monthly or weekly view of your work plan.
  • Nested Cards: Nested cards allow you to break down any work into individual assignable units you can easily reorganize.

To see how Subtask offers the most comprehensive view of work, view this Subtask vs. Trello comparison or how users ranked Subtask next to other top remote task software.

User Testimonials

“What I like the most about Subtask is the different views that you can have of the same specific task. When I need to decide where to put my attention, I'll go to the Priority Matrix, but if I want to focus on those tasks that need to get started or completed, I'll just change to the status board. It allows you to have an overview of your workload in an easy and visual way, and helps me to optimise my time.”

Jeisel Goyanes, Capacity Building Manager, Sustainable Innovations

“What makes Subtask unique to me is its visual display of tasks and projects. With Subtask, I am able to quickly identify my high level projects or goals and prioritize which ones to work on first. From there, I can quickly break them down into nested sub-projects and tasks, use the Matrix prioritization to find the critical path and establish a timeline. This is something that cannot be done with even some very expensive project management software.”

Arman Abedini, Real Estate Broker and Investor

“I've managed projects for the better part of my professional career, and Subtask is the only project management tool that I consistently come back to. It allows the team to see work through different perspectives, combines all the different winning features of methodologies, and is focused on presenting work in the most intuitive way possible. It's the only tool that constantly is getting better, too, and introducing not only features you want, but features you need.”

John Janek, Chief Technologist, Dev Technology Group, Inc.

Subtask is offered by the same company that developed Team.Video, a video conference platform designed to inspire increased engagement in meetings and empower organizations to measure and improve the health of their meeting culture.

Sign up for Subtask here to start visually prioritizing work for free.

About Plectica and Subtask
Plectica develops productivity software to help remote teams work more effectively together. Subtask is a project management tool designed to help teams work more effectively. The platform makes it easy to break down and organize work the way you want. Teams can choose different ways to view their projects — either on a kanban board, calendar, timeline, assignment board, or priority matrix. Subtask’s priority matrix helps teams identify the costs and benefits of the work at hand and have meaningful discussions about the right tradeoffs and what to do first. For more information, visit

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