Plectica Launches Team.Video to Facilitate Happier and Measurably Productive Team Video Meetings

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Team.Video empowers companies to improve and measure the inputs and outcomes of remote meetings and their impact on business, work teams, and individual employees

Our goal is to tackle common meeting frustrations, from simple things like a lack of an agenda or time parameters, to more advanced issues around engagement and participation.

Plectica LLC, a productivity software company, today launched Team.Video, a video conference platform designed to inspire increased engagement in meetings and empower organizations to measure and improve the health of their meeting culture.

Virtual workforces brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic have increased the need for better remote collaboration tools. While existing video conferencing tools have kept work teams connected, they have also led to employee fatigue as many meetings lack the right purpose, people and participation.

“The world doesn’t need another solution that simply facilitates remote meetings. However, we saw a key piece missing from the current video conference landscape and decided to build Team.Video based on the behavioral science of meetings,” said Adam Riggs, CEO of Team.Video. “Our goal is to tackle common meeting frustrations, from simple things like a lack of an agenda or time parameters, to more advanced issues around engagement and participation. Team.Video is built to support how people prefer to naturally interact with each other in meetings, both as business colleagues and as humans.”

Team.Video was developed based on design thinking principles and an empathetic understanding of the experiences, needs and motivations of meeting participants. Team.Video improves the overall workflow of remote meetings and is designed for teams that aspire to conduct remote meetings based on mutual trust, equitable involvement and genuine collaboration. This approach is successful in facilitating meetings that are efficient and productive as well as enjoyable and motivating for everyone involved.

“Team.Video is my favorite video conference tool because it makes my team meetings feel more human,” said Jason Shen, CEO, Midgame. “I love how we can use emojis to convey how we feel without disrupting the flow of conversation and the timed agenda blocks help us stay on track when we have a lot to discuss. I never thought I'd say this about work tool but it's actually fun to use.”

“I chose Team.Video because inclusivity is in their DNA,” said Michael Clinton, VP of Product, C-Trax. “I don't know of any other tool that has pronouns as part of participant profiles. Also, the fact that we're able to play a game using Team.Video is a game changer! Our team likes to have fun and now every meeting starts with a moment of lightness. No other tool has these built-in ice-breakers.”

“The first thing we did when we started to develop Team.Video was to identify the biggest pain points and problems to solve with existing video conferencing solutions,” said CTO David Chester. “We asked ourselves what a product that encourages and facilitates collaboration and participation would look like. We prototyped many different approaches, put each idea through its paces, and got feedback from all sorts of users before settling on this suite of tools and features. Now we could never imagine going back to Zoom.”

Key benefits of Team.Video include:

  • Productivity: Set predefined meeting goals, assign subject matter experts or lead speakers by section, and build timed agendas to keep meetings on topic and on time. Automated post-meeting summaries are sent directly via email to all participants.
  • Collaboration: Take notes together in real time (like a Google doc), upload or link to resources, and share screens to keep everyone involved and engaged.
  • Interactivity: Text-based chat, “raise hand” to speak, and emoji reaction features replace in-person body language and non-verbal cues. Every participant has equal control to mute and unmute one another, share screen, etc.
  • Fun and Enjoyable: Participants can play a word jumble game with colleagues while waiting for meetings to start to reduce awkwardness and begin the meeting on a light and collaborative note. Customizable attendee profiles enable water cooler conversation amongst attendees.
  • Participatory: Check on individual participation metrics such as speaking duration throughout and after meetings to uncover opportunities to promote equitable and diverse participation or determine the relevance of meeting attendees over time.
  • Privacy and security: Browser-based platform offers point-to-point encryption and user data is never sold or shared.

Meaningful Meeting Statistics Identify Areas to Correct Before They Become Crisis Issues

In addition to their negative effect on people, poorly managed meetings have a significant financial impact on companies. Businesses spend a combined $1.4 trillion on meetings every year (8.2% of the 2014 US GDP) though meetings remain an invisible line item on budgets. Managers don’t have access to data to measure meeting effectiveness and ROI. This also means a lack of quantifiable insights to arm themselves with meeting intervention strategies and address related human resource issues such as diversity and inclusion.

Team.Video is bridging this gap with capabilities for capturing and visualizing meeting and participant data such as:

  • Who is attending meetings (meeting size and individual participants)
  • Who individually is on time or late to meetings (when participants join and leave)
  • The amount of speaking time of individual participants, which can be further looked at to determine speaking time per group - demographics (age/generation, gender/pronouns, salary, role)
  • Participant use of non-verbal responses (emojis) during meetings

Organizations interested in available options for these and other relevant meeting statistics can contact or visit for more information. The meeting statistics capabilities can be customized for each organization based on desired outcomes, data integration feeds, reporting structures, etc.

About Plectica and Team.Video
Plectica develops productivity software to help remote teams work more effectively together. The company’s video conferencing platform Team.Video facilitates enjoyable, efficient and productive remote meetings. Team.Video’s browser-based platform provides a superior user experience with solutions for better meeting workflow and collaboration such as timed agendas and collaborative note taking. With Team.Video, users can easily schedule and launch a meeting on desktop and select mobile browsers, including with a Chrome extension, and interact on a clean intuitive interface. Team.Video can also provide customized meeting analytics that enable organizations to make data-driven decisions about their meeting culture. For more information, please visit

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