Plug-n-Play App for Restaurants and Small Business Owners

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In a recent video interview with VirtuApp USA President and CEO, Harry Kurani, explains how restaurant owners and small business owners can now keep more of their revenue and profits and check their expenses. By using a new plug-n play app by VirtuApp USA, small business owners can quickly create and launch their own app on both Apple and Google Play stores.

VirtuApp USA

As a restaurant or small business owner if you can manage your Facebook account or any other similar account, you can easily work with our app and upload all your content.

VirtuBox is a first of its kind cloud-based platform based on a subscription model that is highly customizable and easy to adapt and publish by the App owner.

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The Cloud platform VirtuApp allows restaurant owners to have plug-n-play app without ever having to write a single line of code. What’s more, the restaurant owns the customer data generated by the App use for a flat monthly fee as low as $5 a day depending on whether the client wants either Apple, or Google Play stores or both platforms.

Within days, a restaurant can display its entire menu, send out daily notifications to customers on their special of the day or a special event without going through a delivery apps portal. All of this at no extra cost. Simply few Keystrokes.

“As a restaurant or small business owner if you can manage your Facebook account or any other similar account, you can easily work with our app and upload all your content,” said VirtuApp President and CEO, Harry Kurani.

The restaurant app owner client simply picks a template layout in which the entire menu can be uploaded and displayed. If the app owner wants, the VirtuBox support team can help them get it done for a very small fee initially.

The restaurant’s customers simply download and signs in. Launch the app on your phone as a user and scan the menu and check-off the entrees, beverages, or side-dishes they want to send to their shopping cart. The customer can also add notes about making their choices like extra-spicy, or whether they want their burger medium-rare. The customer simply places the order, which in turn is received by the restaurant for pickup or to be delivered.

The VirtualBox's new app allows the restaurant owners to side-step food delivery services which can charge up to 30% of the bill. Most restaurant’s margin of profit is too small to absorb that a big of a hit. In some cases, they lose money on the order because their profit went to the delivery service.

“So the beauty as a restaurant owner and owner of the app published under your own name, is that you own the customer data as well,” said Kurani.

The daily flat fee the client pays to VirtuApp is often less than the cost of one of the restaurant’s meals in most cases.

“So imagine the amount of savings they receive by owning the data, owning the app and owning the customer information,” added Kurani.

VirtuApp has been working on this solution since 2016 in Riverside, California. The company employs a team of 17 professionals who create multi-platform digital solutions for unique business needs. For more information, please contact us at or call 951-268-9025.

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