Porting.com Announces Industry-First Microsoft Azure NPAC Certified SOA

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Porting.com has announced the successful deployment of their NPAC Certified Local Number Porting solution on Microsoft Azure - Telecom's first and only Azure hosted, NPAC Certified SOA.

NPAC certified local number porting solution


“My dream was to unite a company and, as a result of this accomplishment, we are now about to unite an entire underserved industry.”

After receiving the United States’ first cloud NPAC certification in October of 2017, with a platform residing in an AWS environment, Porting.com has, once again, raised the bar. On January 30th, 2020 Porting.com announced the successful deployment of their enhanced NPAC certified local number porting solution, PortControl, on Microsoft Azure. PortControl is the first and only NPAC certified LNP SOA backed by Azure's trusted infrastructure.

Mark Bilton-Smith, Porting.com's President and Chief Operating Officer, said, "There's a reason why more than 95 percent of Fortune 500 companies use Azure. The cross platform, virtual, circuit, and location redundant Microsoft Azure exceeds our customer's reliability needs. Best in class redundancy and scalability was a requirement for Porting.com as PortControl will change the way carriers perform local number porting. Like our customers, we wanted the ability to effortlessly scale without interruption making Azure the clear choice."

In March 2020, Porting.com will be publicly releasing the PortControl platform. "We're dreamers. We challenge traditional thinking, uncovering new possibilities which positively impact and unite our industry. With a focus on innovation, automation, standardization, and the simplification of local number porting complexities, PortControl creates necessary change that is propelling telecom forward - inspiring carriers to collaborate," said Mark Bilton-Smith. “My dream was to unite a company and, as a result of this accomplishment, we are now about to unite an entire underserved industry. This is what has inspired the PortControl slogan: Power in Numbers. We can now tell a never-ending story that the world will embrace. One in which carriers who perform local number porting no longer have to settle for technology that was built in the 90’s, for the 90’s, and has not been improved upon since. We live in 2020, a world where AI, automation and advancements in technology have surpassed our wildest dreams, yet LNP process optimization has been long forgotten in the eyes of progressive thinkers. Now carriers don't have to settle for less. In this wonderful new decade, PortControl will make it possible to at last unite an industry that is long overdue for the win.”

PortControl Clearinghouse Features:

  • One interface, one login, one browser tab, one invoice, and one support call for all local number porting processes.
  • True end-to-end local number porting functionality, from number/network data querying to updating post-port databases.
  • API-first and customer-feedback driven development philosophies.
  • Explore & Network - Local and toll-free number lookup tool with access to LATA, region, CNAM, DPC/SSN, status, code, block, LRN, SPID, RespOrg ID, and over a decade of telephone number ownership history.
  • Orders - Industry-first Order based SOA for LNP subscription management with NPAC that uses color to tell a story about your numbers. Drag & drop and take bulk actions on large groups of numbers, integrated MUMPs process, Intra-SPID port functionality, and an exclusive 'Blacklist' feature to protect business-critical numbers.
  • Sync - Local subscription management service (LSMS) that allows carriers to consume NPAC data, for the purposes of routing, rating, and billing local calls, the way they want to consume it. Updates to the LSMS can be pushed to carriers when they occur, or at set intervals. Alternatively, Sync can be dipped as a cloud-based LSMS service.
  • Pre-Orders - Process incoming and outgoing CSR/LSR requests as part of a centralized porting workflow from start to finish. Become automatically e-bonded with larger carriers like CenturyLink, Verizon, and AT&T while authorizing trading and updating trading profiles within the crowdsourced trading partner directory.
  • Marketplace - Plug & play 3rd party API integrations for CNAM, e911, DL, and wholesale DID number provisioning and management. Administrate and update the CNAM, e911, and directory listings of your phone number inventory immediately after numbers have migrated to your network. Connect to back-end billing systems and routing platforms for easier customer onboarding and offboarding.

Email pr@porting.com for additional information on PortControl before the public release date.

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