Practical Applications, LLC Announces USPTO Utility Patent Award on Its Pioneering Innovation That Protects Quality of Restaurant Food During Delivery

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Science-Based CrustGuard System Represents First Proprietary Solution to Decades-Old Problem of Soggy Crust in Carryout/Delivery Hot Pizza, Fried Chicken and Fish, French Fries, Panini Sandwiches, Etc.

Glenn W. Milligan, CEO

For pennies per order, our science-based CrustGuard mitigates the chronic problem of restaurant food that becomes soggy during delivery.

Practical Applications, LLC (PA) announced today the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) has awarded a utility patent for its CrustGuard System, a proactive food quality protection innovation.

Glenn W. Milligan, CEO & Managing Member, said, “We at PA are excited about the imminent debut of our proprietary CrustGuard System, and the game-changing impact it will have on the burgeoning restaurant food delivery niche. For pennies per order, our science-based CrustGuard mitigates the chronic problem of restaurant food that becomes soggy during delivery. Fueled by ubiquitous service providers such as Uber Eats, DoorDash, Grubhub and Postmates, millions of consumers are choosing the convenience of their favorite restaurant foods delivered to their doorstep. And, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is prompting millions of new customers to try restaurant food delivery for the first time. Industry experts project the food delivery niche will grow ten (10) times over by 2030.

Milligan stated, “Unfortunately, many types of well-prepared restaurant foods now suffer significant degradation of quality during the delivery process. Obviously, this negative phenomenon leads to unwanted customer complaints, order replacements, and refund demands. This generates widespread fallout that adversely impacts restaurant bottom lines, consumer satisfaction, repeat orders, and industry growth.”

“PA’s CrustGuard System”, Milligan continued, “is specifically designed to address this well-established food quality issue. With food delivery containers utilizing our CrustGuard System, consumers of carryout/delivery pizza, fried chicken and fish, french fries, breads, and other hot baked and fried food items will be the big winners. Consumers expect and deserve high-quality delivered restaurant food. Unfortunately, a solution has not been quick or easy. As case in point, the problem of soggy crust has plagued the carryout/delivery pizza industry for almost sixty (60) years.”

“The CrustGuard System,” Milligan emphasized, “aggressively targets the core problem inside hot food delivery containers - rapidly accumulating, airborne water vapor. Containing a dipolar electrical charge opposite H2O, our patented innovation acts as a “magnet” to proactively and quickly attract, absorb, and store this damaging water vapor before it destroys the integrity of hot baked and fried foods. Without our product, the only “sponge” in a food delivery box is the crust of hot pizza, chicken, fish, and other originally well-prepared foods.”

Dave Jacobs, PA COO, added, “Cracking the multi-faceted code to a lingering problem of this magnitude was no small task. To reach a real, scientific solution has required over a decade of hard work and creative thinking. Resolving obvious issues, such as effective performance, low cost per unit, one-time use, and seamless operational integration, was compounded by increasing consumer expectations for products that are sustainable, green, biodegradable, and compostable. We are proud PA’s exclusive CrustGuard System possesses all of these critical attributes and more.”

In conclusion, Milligan stated, “With our USPTO utility patent in hand, PA’s top priority is to rapidly achieve high-volume domestic and international distribution through the formation of key strategic equity partnerships with select leaders in the fast food sector, as well as forge agreements with top major restaurant chains. The competitive advantage resulting from the use of our proprietary CrustGuard System is simply undeniable. Its proactive technology and benefits will be immediately available for use in existing industry containers. And, in a "clean sheet" design, the CrustGuard System's patented components are being fully integrated into our new line of proprietary, next generation food delivery containers currently in final stages of development. Insuring each customer's satisfaction with the quality of their delivered restaurant food is our singular mission.”

Practical Applications, LLC is a privately held, boutique firm specializing in innovation, technology, inventions, and product solutions.

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