Preventive Dental Care and Hygiene Importance Underlined by Possible Link Between COVID-19 and Serious Oral Ailments, says Premier Care Dental Group

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The Pasadena-based dental office comments on a recent article that patients would do well to keep their teeth clean and healthy in the face of both existing and potential threats to oral wellbeing.

The dental clinics sees to the oral health needs of patients young and old at its Pasadena, California offices.

A November 16 article on HuffPost reports on a newly speculated link between COVID-19 infection and adverse long-term effects on oral health. Medical experts quoted in the article hypothesize that either vascular damage near patients’ teeth or the possibility that the virus replicates in the oral cavity could be to blame. However, the article also stresses that it’s too early to definitively say whether the link is causational or only coincidental as more evidence is required. Pasadena-based Premier Care Dental Group says that even if the link proves unfounded, it’s still important for patients to have preventive general dental care, such as regular exams and cleanings, and to exercise excellent dental hygiene because of well-established threats like tooth decay and gum disease.

Premier Care Dental Group says that if COVID-19 does cause long-term damage to blood vessels near the teeth and gums, surviving patients may begin to notice symptoms such as loose teeth. The dental group says that patients should visit a dentist at the onset of symptoms as early treatment may be able to reverse or at least halt the progression of developing ailments. In the meantime, patients who practice excellent dental hygiene are giving themselves the best chance of maintaining their oral health says the group.

Even if the relationship between the coronavirus and oral ailments is ultimately determined to be exaggerated or situational, Premier Care Dental Group says it’s still in the best interests of patients to brush and floss their teeth routinely because of dangers such as tooth decay or gum disease, which can lead to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, are tangible and proven.

Premier Care Dental Group notes that brushing for two minutes approximately thirty minutes after every meal can prevent or limit harmful plaque and tartar buildup. Flossing can help people clean otherwise hard-to-reach spots in between teeth to further clear out debris and contaminants, the group notes.

Visiting a dentist for a biannual checkup is equally important, the group says, because a professional is likely to spot potential causes for concern before they begin exhibiting notable symptoms. Catching an ailment before it has time to cause pain, discomfort, and serious damage is the best way to not only avoid suffering, but it also lessens the financial burden that is required to treat advanced conditions.

Premier Care Dental Group says this doesn’t mean that patients who have ignored the initial warnings or neglected to visit a dentist for a checkup can’t do anything about their now-serious oral ailments. If the worst occurs, patients can always visit a dentist for relief.

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