PrimeArray Systems, Inc. Offers Optical Disc Migration Services - Ripping Services to Hard Drive, Disc Archiving Services, Disc Data Ripping, and Copying DVDs to Hard Disc

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For Healthcare, Legal, Archivists, Government Agencies, Financial Services, Educational Services and All Corporations. PrimeArray is the leading provider of customizable data storage solutions. Our information sharing solution adds yet another game changing feature, optical disc migration services.

This streamlined solution brings opportunity for healthcare, legal, financial services, archivist and other large businesses to migrate and convert massive optical data storage libraries to digital media while maintaining data integrity.

The era of cloud computing and connected systems has made data storage and sharing with optical disc obsolete, incompatible and sometimes costly. PrimeArray understands how shift in technology is affecting major industries that depend on optical disc for their storage solutions. As a pioneer in the industry, PrimeArray depends on innovation and adapting the latest technologies to bring new services in the field of data storage and information sharing. The new disc migration solution is carefully designed to provide the wide range of forward and backward compatibility that most industries are is seeking.

Customer Solution for Healthcare, Financial and Industry:
Instead of the “one size fits all” approach, Optical Disc Data Migration Services are well-designed to serve an industry’s specific need. Our leading healthcare data migration services are compatible with RIS, CVIS, HER, EMR, CPOE and other integrated data driver solutions that manage patient information, pathological, test results, and medical history providing the best patient care. Financial and legal data migration services require a great deal of data security; while migrating to digital media from the traditional optical storage solution.

PrimeArray’s optical migration/conversion services can be performed on or off site, whichever best meets the clients needs. Our optical migration services leverages the skills of professional, well-defined data migration processes, knowledge of optical environments, and optimized migration software. As well as, Archivists data migration service that is highly sensitive to decay or corruption of converted data from CD, DVD, Blu-ray and other optical media.

The data migration solution checks each disc to be logged and confirmed to result in a perfectly complete copy. If any issues are to occur while a disc is logged, it is noted. The Archives Manager can rely on PrimeArray to maintain data integrity, while converting optical disc to digital media.

Compatibility to various format and optical storage media: The Optical disc archive and library managed in the form of CD, DVD, Blu-ray and other optical media with general formats such as audio, video, ISO, Metadata, along with industry specific data format, such as: PACS, DICOM for healthcare, and other industries is converted to digital media using PrimeArray’s optical data migration services. Our fully automated system incorporates the process of transferring the stored Optical Disc (CD/DVD) images and data records to digital media by creating a bit for bit copy of the disc file structure from the source disc, and producing a local or network copy for use in the archive or backup applications. RIS, PACS, CIVS or DICOM records our optical data migration service automatically and imports optical disc content to allow records to be indexed via any client/server or web based PACS/RIS solution.

PrimeArray’s system can be configured to migrate optical disc data to a client’s online/offline storage, or any third-party cloud storage. Before migrating, the service checks integrity while providing detailed reporting and has an open, flexible third party interface to tie the entire process into the client’s records access system.


  • Advanced Software Ripping Features
  • Meta Data Extraction
  • Flexible naming conventions for data storage and output
  • DVD and Blu-Ray Video Support
  • Rip various DVD formats to ISO
  • Integrated Support for Web-based Metadata
  • Detailed reporting and logs for all jobs
  • Error correction – auto reject media in poor condition

About PrimeArray Systems, Inc.
PrimeArray Systems, Incorporated is a small business with a talented expert data team and has been in business since 1999. We are a world leader in providing customizable, dependable storage products for corporate, government, institutional and educational networks. Large and small organizations across the globe use our CD/DVD servers and loaders for affordable data storage and streamlined information sharing. Our headquarters is located in Burlington, Massachusetts. Our products are affordable and can be configured to tailor the exact need of each customer. We value our clients and have superb customer service. PrimeArray Systems will always keep your staff updated on the latest and best products for their continued success and business growth.

To learn more about simplifying the migration of data from your optical media, libraries to a new archive, contact the experts at PrimeArray at (800) 433.5133, or visit us online at

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