Protectly Announced the Addition of Respokare NIOSH N95 Masks to Its Inventory

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Leading personal protective equipment provider is now offering NIOSH N95 certified respiratory masks

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Protectly, a top personal protective equipment (PPE) provider based in Portland, Oregon, today announced that they are now offering Respokare NIOSH approved N95 respirator masks produced by Innonix Technologies. This type of mask is highly effective against 18 common seasonal and pandemic influenza viruses. It utilizes Innonix, a U.S. patented anti-viral technology that inactivates 99.9% of flu viruses and other airborne health hazards. The outer layer of the Respokare NIOSH N95 masks is a super-absorbent nano plastic that attracts water to soak into this layer, including droplets like those from a sneeze or cough. This layer has an acidic coating which destroys the proteins in bacteria and viruses. Respokare masks are US Nelson Labs tested to comply with GLP regulation and approved according to 42 CFR Part 84 against micron-size particles. They are extremely comfortable and allow maximum breathability. They are also latex-free, dye-free, fiberglass-free, and non-toxic. Protectly is one of the few companies that are offering both medium and large size Respokare NIOSH N95 masks. The company’s direct arrangement with manufacturer allowed to do a special production run to specifically make size large masks that were requested by so many consumers.

Protectly has always focused on giving back to the community wherever they can. One of the ways in which the team at Protectly likes to give back to the community is by making donations of authentic respirators or masks to individuals or organizations in need. Till now, they have donated over 25,470 surgical masks, N95 and KN95 respirators to the underserved organizations/municipalities in the State of Oregon. One of the organizations they have recently decided to donate to is the Multnomah County government agency in Portland, Oregon. Multnomah County works to provide a large amount of aid to the homeless population in Portland, as well as providing health services to lower-income families and those with disabilities. On 11/17/2020, Protectly donated 2 cases of 3-ply surgical masks and 1 case of 100% authentic N95 masks made by 3PE. This is equivalent to 4,000 pieces of the surgical masks and 600 pieces of the N95 masks. 3PE, one of the USA-based N95 mask manufacturers, provided 1 case of N95 masks as part of their donation together with Protectly.

At Protectly, visitors can choose from a wide range of 100% Guaranteed Authentic triple-layered surgical masks. Visitors can select from different FDA registered and approved imported or made in the USA masks. Surgical masks are designed to protect the wearer from inhalation of airborne particles, including dirt, dust, bacteria, and viruses. They are often worn by healthcare workers such as nurses and doctors when they are treating patients who have a respiratory disease or a disease that might be contagious. Surgical masks are deemed to be sufficient to keep civilians safe during routine activities such as going to a shop or simply walking in public.

Protectly also offers the highly sought after N95 and KN95 masks. N95 respirators masks are the most commonly used face masks in the US. Although N95 masks are controlled by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and don't need any FDA clearance, the FDA cleared that health care workers can also use N95 respirator masks. KN95 masks are prepared by using multiple layers of non-woven melt-blown and electrostatic materials, including cotton. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic emergency in 2020, the FDA's guidelines were issued for the use of KN95. Both types of masks can filter up to 95% of the dust and other airborne particles.

Besides face masks, visitors of Protectly can order other PPE items. They can select from a wide range of protective equipment including full-length face shields, anti-fog goggles, nitrile exam gloves, half-face respirator kits with P100 filters, hand sanitizers, non-contact medical infrared thermometers, and antibacterial wipes.

Protectly is a firm started by a tight-knit team of creators and thinkers based in Portland, Oregon. They are veterans in sourcing and distribution that realized they could source high-quality and reliable personal protective equipment (PPE) for less. They work directly with reputable, FDA-Registered & NIOSH-Certified domestic and international manufacturers to offer the customers the highest-quality products possible. Each of their products has a current FDA registration certificate, as well as third-party lab testing. What sets them apart is the fact that they stock a large assortment of USA Made PPE, including NIOSH N95 masks, USA Made KN95 masks, and all of their products are 100% Guaranteed Authentic.

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