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Author CS Patra delivers a spectacular young adult story about siblings who find their mother murdered and discover they are witches with powers.

On a hot July evening, Caroline Warren called her three grown children home to take a family photo before they headed to different places for the night. Cammy, Victor, and Ana Maria didn’t suspect anything strange about that night and went off without thinking anything was wrong. Hours later, their mother texted them all to come home along with a few lines of what appeared to be a poem that did not make sense to them. Unsure of what their mother wanted, all three headed back home only to find that the house had been broken into and their mother dead. With no leads and no clues as to why she was killed, everyone was left with more questions than answers.

Three months later, on a rainy October night, the siblings find themselves rummaging through their mother's old things. Ana Maria comes across those lines of poetry their mother had texted them on the night of her death and reads them out loud. Before anyone knows it, things start to change around them. Cammy finds herself causing things to float and fall around her without touching a thing. Victor notices that things freeze whenever he wants them to. Ana Maria starts having strange visions that come true and can hear the thoughts of those around her. Upon discussing with themselves and revealing it to their father, they soon learn the truth about themselves and their mother. She was a powerful witch who, on the night she was killed, was trying to unbind their powers. When Ana Maria read them out loud, she unleashed their powers.

As the days go by, they soon come to realize that there is a lot more to being a witch than having abilities and performing spells. Their mother was not just any witch, but one called the Blood Queen, a powerful witch with powers and strength. Unfortunately, she made plenty of enemies along the way and those enemies now know about her children. In addition to that, the real world is starting to learn more about witches and isn't prepared to deal with them. Together, Cammy, Victor, and Ana Maria must get used to their powers to protect themselves and the world. They are willing to do what they can to help others. They just don't know what kind of monsters and demons are lurking around in the corner.

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