Pulse Light Clinic Explains How the Brazilian Bum Lift Works

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Getting a Brazilian bum lift with non-surgical treatment EmSculpt.

With the EmSculpt machine Pulse Light Clinic use a separate protocol on the buttocks than any other area and that is to stimulate the muscle alone, so it is not reducing fat tissue on the buttock area unless requested by the client. Generally for the buttocks the treatment is focused on muscle stimulation to give as much projection as possible on the buttocks and stimulate the gluteal muscles on the area.

Lucy a senior consultant at Pulse Light Clinic goes on to explain the treatment procedure for a Brazilian bum lift in more detail: "The gluteal muscles are one of the largest on the body so they do stimulate very well using the EmSculpt machine and clients see great results with a course of treatments.

"EmSculpt essentially causes 20,000 muscle contractions within a 30 minute period overworking the muscles on the buttocks like they have never seen before. Using the EmSculpt machine on the buttocks to create a Brazilian bum lift gives a perk round effect to buttocks without destroying any of the surrounding fat tissue. This helps us to get a better shape on the buttock area.

"EmSculpt builds tissue muscles by 16% on the buttock area over the course of four treatments over a two week period for thirty minutes each. These results can be seen and felt straight away but most results are seen fully six weeks post treatment.

"When you come in for your EmSculpt treatment at Pulse Light Clinic we will take your before and after photos, we have a black screen on which we will take a 360 view of the buttock area just so you can see the vast improvement of your treatment plan.

"When it comes to the six weeks post your four treatments you will come back in for the review and we will take your 360 view photos were you will be able to see the improvement in muscle mass on the area.

"The effect of 20,000 contractions is equivalent to 20,000 squats. With four treatment that is 80,000 squats in the gym which is what gives the 16% increase in muscle.

"Results can be visible immediately after the treatment this is because we are instantaneously building the muscle tissue but it will continue to develop over the following six weeks after treatment. You will feel the difference in the muscle, it will feel tighter and like you have done an intense workout."

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