QuickHealthInsurance.Com Group Finds The Price of Being Unprepared for Long-Term Care

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Poor Financial Planning Impacts More than Just the Individual

Many elderly Americans would like to continue living independently in their own homes for as long as possible. Unfortunately, many are unable to do so. New research shows that many elderly persons do not receive sufficient in-home long-term care services and supports, largely due to a lack of funds and planning. It is easy to see why long-term care is so often unaffordable – a recent survey by QuickHealthInsurance.com reports that a home health aide can cost upwards of $200,000 per year. With costs that high, many elderly individuals run themselves into debt and are forced to postpone important care and medical procedures.

Those who are unable to afford professional in-home care may rely on family and friends to act as caregivers instead. While this is a viable solution in some situations, it is important to recognize the immense physical and emotional toll that this can take on those providing the care. These are often the elderly individual’s children, who have their own children and careers to worry about in addition to their tasks as caregivers. In other cases, the person providing the care may be the recipient’s sibling, spouse, or another person of similar age who also has health issues to contend with. Caring for someone with a neurodegenerative disorder such as Alzheimer’s can be especially taxing.

Research by QuickHealthInsurance.com shows that in many cases, when out-of-pocket costs become untenable and family is unable to help, Medicaid-sponsored nursing home care is seen as the next best option. Many see this as their only choice, but this arrangement is far from ideal – both for the individuals in need of care and for the facilities themselves. Nursing homes are designed to look after persons with significant care needs who would not be able to live on their own. Now, these facilities are facing increasing numbers of residents who are there not because they need advanced care, but because there are few affordable alternatives in place. The question of whether these facilities have sufficient room, staff, and resources to take in all of these residents is not the only concern. Many of those who are unable to afford proper care prior to meeting Medicaid’s financial requirements ignore pressing medical needs and thus arrive in poorer health than they may have otherwise, meaning poorer quality of life for the patient and increased costs for the facility. Measures are being taken in many states to alleviate these issues by providing greater amounts of affordable home- and community-based services through Medicaid, but the problem remains a significant one.

All of this goes to show how important it is to plan ahead for one’s potential long-term care needs. It is true that not everyone will require long-term care, but for those who do, going into it completely unprepared can be financially devastating – not to mention the potential strain it can put on family members who then try to fill the role of caregiver. Having long-term care insurance, a life insurance policy with a long-term care rider, or a similar plan in place can truly make a world of difference.

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