R. Scott Lemriel Discusses Earth’s Impending Changes in The Seres Agenda Book

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Penned by hidden truth revealing researcher, R. Scott Lemriel, The Seres Agenda book documents the impending positive changes that will affect our lives.

R. Scott Lemriel is the world’s leading direct experience-based, hidden truth revealing researcher that has always been outspoken about his encounters with kind extraterrestrials or aliens - many of them human beings not from Earth.

The celebrated author has conducted many special experience-based presentations at numerous international conferences, where he has shared his experiences of many past and ongoing encounters with a vast organization of very advanced benevolent extraterrestrials and a few smaller factions of malevolent tyrant extraterrestrials he crossed paths with along the past time-track. He is also a prolific music composer and sometimes performer, music producer, feature film development writer - producer and director, that has published the 1st of 7-9 planned music CD albums titled, "Stranger On A Lost Island." This was accomplished with the sole intention of expanding the self awareness of listeners worldwide.

R. Scott Lemriel is perhaps best known for his remarkable hidden truth revealing books - The Seres Agenda (containing a very special techniques section at the back to assist readers to have their own direct experiences with the hidden truths revealed) & The Emerald Doorway (book one of The Parallel Time Trilogy series) about a far more ancient past on Earth and in our solar system than is known and understood by people of Earth today. What is revealed in the chapters involves both benevolent and malevolent extraterrestrial beings. The Seres Agenda books also reveal deliberately hidden or suppressed truth about the origins of human life that did not originate on planet Earth in the first place.

Speaking about the aforementioned regarding The Seres Agenda book, the well-respected author explained, “This book was written to share the stunning uplifting awareness about a grand plan that was quite recently put forward by an extraterrestrial race of humans called the Seres. Those who are well-versed in true intergalactic history know the Seres to be extremely kind-hardhearted and benevolent, represented by the astute Ambassador Torellian. These benevolent beings have decided that it’s high time to put an end to 'the experiment of evil' on Earth and they are revealing a grand plan that will have a positive and uplifting effect on the people of our planet.”

R. Scott Lemriel understands true intergalactic, planet Earth and our solar system history, as well as the most ancient and current deliberately hidden or subconsciously suppressed truths that can perhaps at first exposure be very overwhelming to fellow human beings that explore his work for the first time. This is why the author represents his direct experiences with the hidden truths he reveals through the Mark Santfield character in The Seres Agenda. This is done to assist people to understand and actually comprehend how the changing destiny of humans on Earth is directly connected to the changing destiny of extraterrestrials in our solar system and out among the stars in the Milky Way Galaxy. They are, in fact, completely intertwined.

The Seres Agenda is a very easy read and doesn’t require excessive concentration on the part of the reader," says R. Scott Lemriel,. “If they trust in their own true inner being and keep an open heart within themselves to genuinely endeavor to understand what the book is revealing, they are bound to benefit in immensely wondrously satisfying new ways. The character Mark Santfield is entirely based on my direct experiences with everything revealed in the book to assist the newcomer's first and subsequent exposure to deliberately hidden truth. In this way, they can far better understand the bigger picture they have been kept from knowing all their lives. In other words, the protagonist of the book is the hidden truth researcher who [over the course of the book] comes to discover how short sighted the US and former USSR officials were during the Cold War, when they were covertly blackmailed into signing a treaty with totalitarian extraterrestrials. These off-world tyrants did not require we give up all negative destruction radio-active materials and nuclear weaponry. Earth's former political leaders after World War II were compelled in this direction by the misuse of advanced extraterrestrial technology that affected them subconsciously and they did not see it coming. The offered proposal previously put to them from a vast benevolent (kind) organization of world systems was turned down shortly after World War II because they required we first get rid of all destructive deadly radioactive nuclear materials and nuclear bomb developments because they are, in fact, outlawed outside of planet Earth in the entire Milky War Galaxy."

From this point of understanding onward, the reader begins to comprehend how human classified governments on Earth were infiltrated by a few totalitarian extraterrestrials beings that broke a 500,000 year old treaty to behave covertly on Earth in such diabolical ways. What matters most in the book, is that R. Scott Lemriel also reveals how this kind of nonsense off-world and on Earth is coming to a permanent end!

R. Scott Lemriel is dedicated to make available the deliberately hidden truths he reveals for the uplifting benefit of fellow human beings on Earth more accessible and experience-based beneficial. The direct experience-based hidden truth revealing researcher invites questions from inquisitive and sincere hidden truth seeking people from all over the world, who want real answers, to contact him through his website via the 'Contact' link on the top of the main page.

About R. Scott Lemriel:

All aspects of Parallel Time, parallel and higher dimensions, out-of-body travel, exploring journeys along the past time track, galactic history, and a far more ancient history of Earth and our solar system that involved both benevolent and malevolent extraterrestrials are available at the ParallelTime.com website. At this unique uplifting or consciousness expanding website, direct experience-based international speaker R. Scott Lemriel shares many of his illuminating experiences with 'knowing certainty' about these subjects and ways to experience them for yourself via your own similar direct awakening experiences.

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