Radium Medical Aesthetics Launches Combination Lasers with Pico to Deliver Superior Anti-Aging Results

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Radium Medical Aesthetics has once again proven to be the leading medical aesthetic clinic in Singapore that offers customised program to suit different people, yielding effective results for different skin types. With the new purchase of PicoSure Laser, Dr. Siew overhauled some of the best-selling laser programs to make them even better to address pigmentary issues and acne scars, with shorter downtime.

With the introduction of the most advanced laser treatment in the market, Skin Illumination Pico Program is capable of treating skin pigmentation, acne scars, and achieving superior anti-aging results for patients.

Radium Medical Aesthetics, a leading medical aesthetic clinic in Singapore has launched a new combination laser program that treats people with acne scars and dull skin.

Launched on 20 September 2018, this combination laser program is called Skin Illumination Pico Program. Unlike most laser treatments in other clinics, this program allows the doctor to mix and match and customize a unique skin brightening, rejuvenating experience for patients.

Skin Illumination Pico Program is one of its kind in Singapore, said Dr. Siew Tuck Wah, Medical Director of Radium Medical Aesthetics. This program was put together painstakingly by him based on his decade-long experience in seeing patients plagued with severe pigmentation issues and dull skin.

What is Pico Laser?

Pico Laser is a non-ablative laser that is mainly used for tattoo removal, pigmentation removal, acne scar treatment, and overall skin rejuvenation and brightening.

Pico Laser is a new generation laser that delivers ultrashort laser pulses in picoseconds, as compared to the traditional Q-switched laser, which delivers laser pulses in nanoseconds.

This means that the pulse of a Pico Laser stays on the skin 1000 times shorter than a traditional Q-switched laser, and more laser shots can be delivered into the dermis in the same amount of time.

Due to the extremely short laser pulse, there is less thermal damage to the healthy skin, reducing the risk of hyperpigmentation and downtime after the treatment.

The PicoSure difference

Unlike other Pico laser machines in the market, PicoSure uses a 755nm wavelength that targets deep, stubborn pigments such as melanin which makes it ideal for treating pigmentary conditions.

The ultrashort laser pulses rely on photomechanical impact more than photothermal action, sparing the skin of thermal damage that may result in significantly longer downtime. The ultrashort laser pulses is capable of reaching into the dermis to break down the targeted pigments.

Using 755nm wavelength, PicoSure Laser is a very popular treatment that targets black, blue, and green ink tattoos that are notoriously difficult to get rid of.

Introducing FOCUS™ Lens Array

The FOCUS Lens Array is a function that sets PicoSure Laser apart from the rest of the Pico Laser.

It is a diffractive lens that allows the doctors to perform skin rejuvenation with no downtime. FOCUS Lens Array redistributes and delivers 755nm energy to the skin. The ultrashort pulses penetrate deeper into the skin to clear stubborn pigments, while the high energy creates laser-induced breakdowns in the epidermis. The breakdown causes the surrounding cells to initiate an inflammatory healing response.

As the breakdown occurs in the intra-epidermal layer, there is less risk for side effects while increasing the collagen and elastin production in the dermis for improving depressed acne scars and achieve unique skin rejuvenation effect.

Skin Illumination Pico Program: Combining best-in-class lasers for superior results

Skin Illumination Pico Program is an improved version of the best-selling program – Skin Illumination Program. It underwent several rounds of changes before it was finally officially rolled out on 20 October 2018 with the introduction of PicoSure Laser.

Known to patients as the ‘best pigmentation, acne scars, and skin rejuvenation treatment‘, Skin Illumination Pico Program consists of 4 different types of lasers – PicoSure Laser, Dual Yellow Laser, LASEMD Skin Perfecting Laser, and Ruvy Touch Pigment Laser. It is designed to get rid of the most stubborn pigmentation and to eliminate all dark pigment deposits in the skin.

These pigment-reducing lasers are put together by Dr. Siew with much consideration as they have complementary functions for the purpose of removing any residual hyperpigmentation and reducing any uneven skin tone.

“With the introduction of the most advanced laser treatment in the market, Skin Illumination Pico Program is capable of treating skin pigmentation, acne scars, and achieving superior anti-aging results for patients.” says Dr. Siew.

With such impressive skin pigmentation techniques that have minimal downtime, having brighter, flawless skin can now be easily achieved by anyone. The laser technology in medical aesthetics is always improving to provide optimal results with minimal downtime. PicoSure Laser is possibly the game-changer of today’s laser treatment for pigmentation and acne scars.

Radium Medical Aesthetics proudly offers PicoSure Laser as a la carte treatment or part of the popular combination laser therapy, Skin Illumination Pico Program.

A la carte Price
Pico Laser Toning: S$498 per session

Program Price
Skin Illumination Pico Program (5 sessions): S$2,788

For more information, please refer to the website: http://www.radium-aesthetics.com

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