REGENCare Life Magazine Interviews NFL’s 3X Super Bowl Champion, Rob Gronkowski, and Atlanta’s Anti-Aging Expert, Dr. Richard Ambrozic, Regarding Regenerative Therapies

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The Magazine’s Inaugural Edition Features Stories and Testimonials from Professional Athletes Who Are Benefitting from Allograft Regenerative Therapies.

I had REGENCare treatments in October, and I just again today, and they’re fantastic. They just help rejuvenate my entire system, help replenish the muscle tissue, help just heal any nagging injuries that are throughout my body. REGENCare treatments are fantastic and it’s an all-natural way to heal.

Announcing the launch of REGENCare Life Magazine. Published in conjunction with Local Umbrella’s C4 Lead Machine, the inaugural issue features interviews with Rob Gronkowski, the Atlanta Braves legendary Ryan Klesko and Atlanta’s Celebrity Anti-Aging Expert, Dr. Richard Ambrozic (@drrick), regarding the very latest in Regenerative Therapies designed to renew and restore function in the body. The magazine’s inaugural edition features stories and testimonials from professional athletes and many other patients benefiting from these Allograft Regenerative Therapies.

REGENCare Life Magazine features an interview with Tampa Bay Buccaneers tight end Rob Gronkowski by C. Christie Craig. (See Interview below.)

The highs and lows of football players are well known. When you are young, strong, and focused, the game has no limits. But the body can only take so many hits; there is a huge price to pay for years of playing hard on the field. Rob “Gronk” Gronkowski, one of the NFL’s all-time greatest tight ends, knows this all too well. In 2019, Rob announced his retirement from the New England Patriots, needing a break to focus on his health and well-being. At 30 years old, he had an extraordinary run, making his mark in football history. Fans were devastated and Rob was hurting.

Today, after a multitude of various regenerative treatments throughout last year, Rob’s new nickname is “Mr. Recovery.” His body and mind are healed, and he has a fresh new deal with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The best part is he’s going to share his most amazing discovery. In fact, he is ready to shout it out to all who will listen. That’s good news, because when it comes to overcoming pain, he’s someone we should listen to carefully. Not only is he an amazing athlete; he is also a successful businessman and philanthropist.

Gronk was always well-loved by fans and teammates, and many thought his career was over. But he was not the type to give up, and he decided that pain was not going to mean the end of his story. How he eliminated it and got back on the field is an inspiring story for all of us. In this interview, Rob shares how he found his fire and returned to the NFL through regenerative care treatments. Here is the incredible story of his journey back to health and wellness in his own words.

Question: I am here with the greatest tight end in NFL history who now calls himself “Mr. Recovery.” After a litany of injuries, you are coming out of retirement this year and making your comeback with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. How did this all happen?

Gronk: Thank you! I am super excited, super pumped up. I feel so good, you know. I let my body heal and recover. I’ve been playing football for fifteen plus years, plus along with other sports, and with all this action I’ve seen, my body just needed a little rest. I had to investigate and find connections to heal. Dr. Rick turned everything around for me. It’s a full-time job as an athlete. Athletes don’t just show up. We have to take care of our bodies and find solutions that work. The recovery is cake with Dr. Rick.

Question: Your journey back to health is unprecedented. Few NFL players return to action after retiring like you did. Allografts are the new buzz words for lasting recovery. Is this the type of therapy and injections you received from Dr. Rick at REGENCare?

Gronk: Yes, I had REGENCare treatments in October, and I just again today, and they’re fantastic. They just help rejuvenate my entire system, help replenish the muscle tissue, help just heal any nagging injuries that are throughout my body. REGENCare treatments are fantastic and it’s an all-natural way to heal. This treatment is exactly what I needed. I am sharing this information with others because this treatment isn’t only for professional athletes like me. It can help everyone!

Question: How is your healing different with REGENCare Therapy compared to traditional treatment?

Gronk: In your early twenties you really don’t get into the treatment. You just do the basics and the bare minimum. But as you get older, you have to treat your body more, you need to find new ways, and that’s what I’ve been doing over the last few years. Aside from the allografts, there are so many options at REGENCare. I’m getting massages, doing vitamin IVs, and lying in the hyperbaric chamber. This chamber fills my body up with clean, pure oxygen. Without oxygen in your body, you are not going to survive! It’s just spectacular when you can get more and more oxygen into your system. Your muscle tissues start feeling pliable and loose and it targets all those nagging injuries to help them heal. It is my favorite treatment because I get a nap and I am getting rejuvenated at the same time by all the oxygen. It’s great. We also do a couple other treatments to help with recovery, stress management, improving sleep and diet.

Question: Do REGENCare Therapy treatments make a difference in how fast you recover and heal?

Gronk: I definitely feel a big difference. Back in the day, I would just let my body heal naturally, and when I say naturally, I would just do the bare minimum. I would be running around on it. I would be partying on the injury while it was trying to heal. But I was so young then, and I could get away with it. But now that I want to continue my career, and I’m older, I learned that I needed to start adapting. You got to adapt to the change, you got to start adapting to your body. And you know, finding that adaptation includes a whole spectrum of healing treatments from allografts and finally, to proper nutrition.

Question: How does your focused mindset play a role in your healing? Is it an important
part of your treatment process?

Gronk: Yeah, definitely! Some people can be telling you to do this, and you just got to stick with your gut. You got to stick with your heart, knowing what is best for your body. To know that, you have to go through a lot of experiences. I’ve tried many, many things, and some do work for me. I focus on all the natural treatments that you could do for yourself. I find the best ones that suit me and enjoy ‘em while doing ‘em.

What would you tell your friends and teammates who are suffering from chronic pain and injuries about these regenerative treatments?

Gronk: Just get started on it now! The longer you wait, the harder it is going to be to heal that injury and nagging pain. The longer you wait, it gets more settled into your brain that you have that nagging pain. So hop on it ASAP, get moving, get cruising on it, find some good workouts, strengthen your core tight, and start small. That’s where it begins. You don’t got to go big at all. Just start small and make little changes.

Question: So what’s next for you? You have an exciting season with Tampa Bay, what are some of the things that you’re doing to prepare?

Gronk: You know, I’m just hanging out! Throwing footballs, doing football workouts, doing band workouts, doing some strength workouts, just doing it all at high speed. It’s a lot of expectations for sure. Just have to go in and be a consistent player and you’re just ready to go. I’m just excited to get back out into the field and play some football and help out the team.

Question: If you were to leave a legacy behind, what would it be?

Gronk: Just working hard, being the best teammate that I can be and doing the best that I can to help out the team. Now that Dr. Rick has helped me to recover, I can achieve this and more.

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Regenerative Medicine Treatments at REGENCare

Our regenerative medicine treatments utilize regenerative medicine to encourage tissue healing throughout affected areas. REGENCare utilizes regenerative medicine allografts, Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field technology to stimulate and exercise the cells and address cellular dysfunction and support overall wellness, Shockwave Therapy to promote regeneration and repair of the bones, tendons and other soft tissues, Georgia’s first PRISM Light Pod which uses specific wavelengths of light that pass through layers of skin and interact within the body to stimulate regrowth and repair, IV Hydration which provides the vitamins, minerals, and amino acids your body needs, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy which can significantly increase the concentration of circulating progenitor cells within the peripheral circulation system, and more. We may be able to help in orthopedic conditions, like osteoarthritis, meniscus and cartilage tears, tendinitis, joints and back pain, inflammation, hair restoration, skin rejuvenation and anti-aging treatments.

About Richard Ambrozic, MD, Founder and CEO, REGENCare:

Dr. Ambrozic (@drrick) earned his MD from the University of Alberta. He completed a residency in health prevention and family medicine at the University of British Columbia and has completed an anti-aging fellowship from the University of South Florida. The American College of Sports Medicine, American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, American Medical Association, Medical Association of Georgia, and the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery. He is a member of the Harvard Medical School Postgraduate Association. He is an expert in Allografts, Lasers, and Anti-Aging.

Dr. Ambrozic is the founder of REGENCare, with locations in Buckhead, Atlanta, Jupiter/Palm Beach Florida, and soon around the world. He treats professional athletes, celebrities, and patients from all walks of life interested in regenerative and anti-aging medicine. Healing the body naturally and safely, without pills and unnecessary surgery is most important. Dr. Ambrozic has traveled the world to bring the very latest and state-of-the-art regenerative medicine protocols, technology, and procedures to his clinics.

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