Regular Checkups and Good Dental Hygiene Habits can Keep Candy from Causing Scary Cavities Year-Round, says Elegant Dentistry

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Elegant Dentistry comments on a recent article saying that eating candy in moderate amounts is probably fine so long as patients also keep up to date with their checkups and maintain good dental hygiene.

Vigilant dental hygiene habits can make the difference when even grownups may inevitably indulge in that second cup of sugary coffee or midnight ice cream snack.

October 29 article on WFLA offers the post-holiday suggestion that eating post-Halloween candy – or candy at any time when more than usual is being consumed – is best done near other meal times, as this is when saliva production is at its peak. In doing so, the sugars and acids found in candy are more likely to be neutralized, significantly reducing the chances of developing cavities and other dental ailments. Of course, the article also points out that one night of candy binging probably will not ruin teeth, but constant snacking can be a serious threat. Marina del Rey-based dental center Elegant Dentistry says that individuals should always try to limit their consumption of sugary or acidic foods and beverages, but that vigilant dental hygiene habits can make the difference when even grownups may inevitably indulge in that second cup of sugary coffee or midnight ice cream snack.

The dental center says that with so many world-class restaurants and dessert specialty shops in and around Los Angeles, it can be challenging to avoid food and drinks that are harmful to teeth. However, the clinic notes that by maintaining proper dental hygiene habits and not skipping appointments for preventive general dentistry, patients are far less likely to develop dental ailments. One of the worst things a person can do to their teeth, the clinic adds, is to eat or drink something sugary or acidic right before falling asleep, without taking care of their teeth first. The clinic explains that this allows those sugars and acids to go virtually unchecked throughout the night where they can maximize their potential damage.
Elegant Dentistry also notes that knowing how to brush properly can be just as important: most patients are unaware that they should wait between 15 and 30 minutes after eating, or drinking something acidic, for the enamel on their teeth to re-mineralize before brushing. Brushing before this period can actually damage teeth. The dental center says that patients should also floss in between their teeth to remove plaque and bits of food from hard to reach places. Finally, a mouth rinse further removes any remaining food particles while sanitizing a person’s mouth, the center notes.

With all of that in mind, the clinic notes that great dental habits must also include professional assistance from time to time. Even the most vigilant among us can suffer from a multitude of dental ailments; so visiting a dentist for checkups is of prime importance. Elegant Dentistry notes that a professionally trained dentist can spot ailments before they start, even before they start causing problems for the patient. Visiting the dentist for a regular checkup can go a long way towards safeguarding a patient’s clean and healthy smile.

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