Rhinox press - the future is now! The technology allows to quickly, and most importantly, safely cope with the crimping of steel water and gas pipes

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Rhinox stainless steel pipes and fittings start with the selection of the finest raw materials. Each pipe and fitting is manufactured in an ultra-modern facility where attention to detail guarantees the quality of every item which leaves the factory. Extensive individual testing of each pipe or fitting, including rigorous hydraulic pressure testing, eddy current testing, and annealing of all pipe and fittings to ensure optimal quality standards are consistently met.

Good plumbing solutions are often the ones install & just forget about it. On the other hand, having a bad plumbing system create nothing but trouble. Talking about the press connection technology, that is the backbone of the plumbing solutions, the most reliable & the one that provides superb levels of safety is "VV" Press fittings. It is one of the most innovative solutions that offers a secure, leak-free & permanent joint. Not only this, but the press connection technology can also operate at pressures up to 40 Bar. Because of its superb reliability, it is suitable for water, air & gases applications. Depending on installation parameters, VV Press-Fit Systems working pressure range is from full vacuum to 300 Psi (20.7 Bar) Comparing it with the "M" profile fitting, it allows 2 press points, the "V" Profile fitting allows for 3 whereas "VV" Profile allows for 5 press points & this has a dramatic effect on the overall security and pressure rating of the actual joint. "VV" press connection technology is a revolution in the stainless steel pipe connection technology. It provides maximum safety & ensures the most reliable connection in all circumstances & at all times.

Pipe connection parts are the most vulnerable in the pipeline system, most easy to cause an accident, which causes direct economic loss and indirect loss. Therefore, the connection used must be of the top quality so it can live a hassle-free life. The stainless steel pipe connection technology in the water supply system is considered best to date because of its safety, corrosion resistance & its reliability. An American brand with the name Rhinox is known widely for its innovative top quality manufacturing stainless steel pipes and fittings. A household name in USA & now worldwide. Though there are many brands, but this brand develops products that provide sustainable and smart plumbing solutions proving out to be most reliable over time. Rhinox beat other brands with its unrivalled advancements in the field of Plumbing systems This American Stainless-steel plumbing brand is the only one in the market that develops the best V-press and latest VV-press connection technology.

The Rhinox VV press system consists of fittings, pipes, O-Rings, and tools. The tube material is again the best in its class which world-class products, Rhinox is known for providing decent services. It provides with the facility of product consultation, on site support & training, logistic management, after-sales service Revit MEP Library & Design Services. Rhinox claims that their products are designed to give more efficiency, health, safety, better performance Bare customizable according to one's needs and requirements. A brand that provides sustainable, reliable and economical plumbing solutions with 24/7 technical support and delivers quality products at doorstep.

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