Robert Berry Gallery Announces New Show, PerFlection and (im)Perfection: One Vision in Parallel Lives

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New works from New York City-based photographers Paul Mondesire and David Mathison emphasize reflection, contemplation and the meaning of perfection

Robert Berry Gallery, a premier New York City-based art gallery dedicated to ground-breaking art, announced its new virtual exhibition, PerFlection and (im)Perfection: One Vision in Parallel Lives. The exhibition will feature new works by New York City-based photographers Paul Mondesire and David Mathison, emphasizing themes of reflection, contemplation and the meaning of perfection. The show is open and available to view at

“The term perflection refers to perfection and reflection—a theme throughout our new series,” stated Paul Mondesire, photographer. “I have a fascination with reflections—particularly against a water or mirror backdrop—it is at once beautiful and disorienting; you aren’t quite sure which is the proper orientation or if it is upside down. My goal for these images was to give the viewer a new perspective, inspiring a different feeling every time they looked at it, challenging them to notice new aspects of it every time.”

Mr. Mondesire, who today is a development and communications consultant, first started shooting as a kid growing up in the Bronx, New York. Today, a serious Frisbee player and biker, logging dozens of miles a day around New York, he regularly sees and experiences the city’s quotidian moments and familiar backdrops—as well as the more unusual ones. Whether it’s an incredible reflection on the East River, the juxtaposition of buildings and light, or an interesting person or scene, Mr. Mondesire is there to capture it.

“Capturing a moment in time is one of the most meaningful things one can do,” Mr. Mondesire said. “I’ve been taking pictures since I was a puppy. The first real camera I used was a Canon Rangefinder my dad gave me from his time serving in the Korean War. I’ve been shooting using Pentax then Nikon since the 1970s. Today, my work explores the beauty in the everyday. My pictures are about what’s in the moment—and you never know when the moment will strike!”

Having met at the Central Park’s Sheep Meadow playing frisbee decades ago, Paul Mondesire and David Mathison are friends and collaborators who immediately recognized that their photography aesthetic and compositions were similar. The two believe that, while there is a renaissance in personal media today, what’s missing is photography and art that touches people’s souls.

“Having a positive impact with photography—and to create beauty and wonder in people’s lives—is my number-one goal with our new show, PerFlection and (im)Perfection,” stated David Mathison, photographer. “As a CEO in my “day job”, I got into photography many years ago to leave the hotel room, meet new people, and catalog the places I had been. In 2015 picked up a point-and-shoot camera and my interest in capturing moments blossomed quickly. Today, I have a lifetime of memories and reflections of my travels and experiences, with a strong focus on reflections and contemplative shots that I hope will inspire thought and introspection for their viewers.”

Mr. Mathison is a successful CEO, having sold his first company to Stellent which was acquired by Oracle in 2004. Today, he is the founder of the CDO Club and CDO Summit, the world’s largest community of Chief Digital, Chief Data, and Chief Analytics Officers. A native of Baldwin, NY, Mr. Mathison now resides in Long Beach NY, and incorporates themes of New York City and his travels around the world.

“Today we don’t know what’s real and true, whether it’s the news, a person or a picture. You look at a photo and wonder, is that a sunrise, sunset, reflection or a painting?” Mr. Mathison said. “From fake news to deep fake videos, facts are subjective, truth is relative, and provenance and verification are almost impossible. Our new show aims to make people question what they are seeing—even if it’s a comforting or familiar subject or area.”

PerFlection and (im)Perfection features works for sale that depict some of New York City’s most incredible icons. By Mr. Mondesire, works include Sky’s Aflame, a breathtaking view from the Northeast corner of the Bronx; Refracted Liberty, a beguiling perspective of the Statue of Liberty; Picket Fence, a reflective picture shot perfectly the first time; Distant Shore, a perfectly calm and peaceful view of New York’s skyline; That's My Girl, a picture featuring Wall Street's Charging Bull statue from Mr. Mondesire's perspective as a father; and many more. By Mr. Mathison, works include Bridgehenge, a breathtaking work taken at Lido Beach, NY; Dude, Where's My Bike?, a black-and-white take on Amsterdam's bike culture, where the subject seeking his bike stands out in red; Kaleidoscope, a kaleidoscope of mirrors taken in Tokyo; and the arresting Moon Balloons in New York, where the moon is flanked by balloons—and Jupiter.

“We are proud to offer these one-of-a-kind photographs, highlighting the power of reflection,” stated Robert Berry, founder and CEO of Robert Berry Gallery. “David and Paul are talented photographers that share a similar vision. The photos featured in PerFlection and (im)Perfection: One Vision in Parallel Lives are truly unique and will make an interesting and inspiring collection for those seeking to create special New York moments in their own lives.”

Robert Berry Gallery hosts several shows a year, representing early to mid-career contemporary artists including Machiko Edmondson, David Kastner, Yibai Liao, Ned Martin, Taney Roniger, John Ruby, and Leonardo Silaghi.

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