Keeping Dogs Safe From Tainted Treats From China

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Royal Flush Havanese gives some tips for keeping dogs safe from tainted treats.

According to various sources there have been a great many reports of canine fatalities due to the consumption of tainted dog treats from China.

Keeping Dogs Safe From Tainted Treats From China

Royal Flush Havanese knows that most of its readers, being doglovers, are aware of the current scandal and danger of certain pet treats from China. Nevertheless, such are the dangers of these treats, in some cases lethal, that Royal Flush Havanese feels it cannot hurt to give the warning here as well.

According to various sources there have been a great many reports of canine fatalities due to the consumption of tainted dog treats from China. Estimates of the fatalities range in the hundreds and the number of the dogs that have been made seriously ill from these treats are well into the thousands. Currently an investigation by the federal government is underway. The sad (and to pet owners agonizing) irony of this situation is that doglovers gave these treats to their pets thinking they were doing them a kindness and in reality they were unknowingly poisoning them. The most common clinical cause of death related to the tainted treats is kidney failure.

Royal Flush Havanese is sadly aware that this is not the first time tainted pet traits from China have been reported. This current epidemic is related to jerky type treats, mostly chicken, but all such treats from China, whether chicken or not, are suspect, and should be avoided.

Some experts advise that treats such as rawhides, pig's ears, calves hooves, bones, and bones with meat on them should be avoided regardless of their country of origin. This is especially true for small dogs. A good test to see if a dog treat is safe for a dog is to submerge it in water. If it starts to break down in the water after five minutes it is most likely safe for a dog's digestion. If it doesn't this may well mean it will be extremely hard for a canine to digest and may cause illness. It can't be stressed enough that these cautions are even more true when dealing with smaller breeds.

Royal Flush Havanese's own advice is that doglovers and pet owners in general should only buy dog treats that are 100% made in America. And thoroughly inspected in America as well. Of the various American brands available, Royal Flush Havanese recommends the brand Life's Abundance for both treats and food which you can find at

Royal Flush Havanese extends its deepest condolences to all those who have lost a pet due to this latest outbreak of tainted treats. Royal Flush Havanese encourages pet lovers everywhere be constantly vigilant with all pet products on the market, food related and otherwise.

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