‘Rozanne Travels to Africa to Kiss a Giraffe’ Breaks New Ground in Children’s Books

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‘Rozanne Travels to Africa to Kiss a Giraffe’ breaks new ground in children’s books—real wildlife color photos, real story. Because of the author’s hand/wrist disabilities and no computer, the book was produced on an iPhone using Siri and SimplePrints app.

Giraffe cover photo for new children’s book, ‘Rozanne Travels to Africa to Kiss a Giraffe,’ was selected by children of Jubilee JumpStart preschool in Washington, DC.

To kiss a giraffe!! Who gets to do THAT? I know children from all around the world will lap up this book which speaks directly to THEM!

A new children’s book, “Rozanne Travels to Africa to Kiss a Giraffe “breaks new ground, taking children on three real wildlife journeys from the rain forests of Borneo to many countries in Africa.

Rather than wonderful illustrations and imaginary situations in most children’s books, the book features the author’s full color iPhone animal photos and her personal experiences—despite challenging disabilities.

Author Rozanne Weissman sought input of children 2-9. Result: additions of questions, explanations, emojis. Her major book-loving “book consultant,” age 3 1/2, wants to kiss a giraffe.

The children’s book also breaks new ground in the disability area. Jubilee JumpStart bilingual infants-pre-K school in Washington, DC, asked its volunteer Weissman to write a book for children who love her wildlife travel stories, photos, and videos.

But HOW with permanent hand/wrist disabilities, vision issues, and no computer?

The award-winning marketing communications executive worked on voice activated computer software for employers and clients for 20+ years. Recently, Weissman’s doctor took her off computers.

Undeterred, the author produced the 36-page children’s book on her small iPhone 8 screen—dictated on Seri and laid out in the SimplePrints app with no typography options! And all that working with two disabilities.

So that children can identify with her as the child in the book and dream big, the book starts when Rozanne was a little child who loved watching wildlife and nature. When she grew up, it wasn’t enough to see wild animals in films and TV, the author longed to see animals where they lived—in the wild.

“Rozanne put the same passion into her children’s book as she did into the highly successful launch and rapid growth of Discovery, Inc.’s Animal Planet Channel,” observes W. Clark Bunting, former president of both Animal Planet and Discovery Channels.

The author first travels to Borneo to see her favorite animal—intelligent, red-haired orangutans. The book includes surprising photos of Siswi—the diva of Camp Leakey who didn’t like other females—either orangutans or humans. Siswi stands eye-to-eye, and nose-to-nose with the author. Weissman traveled with the world’s leading primatologist on orangutans, Dr. Birute Mary Galdikas. Compares Weissman: “It was like traveling with Jane Goodall to learn about chimpanzees.”

That’s the start of three amazing wildlife trips—others to see elephants, elusive leopards, penguins, orphaned baby elephants, and giraffes renowned for kissing.

Dancy Mills, daughter of the first owners of Giraffe Manor who brought two young endangered Rothschild giraffes to live there and founders of the Giraffe Centre—posts a five star review of Rozanne’s book on Amazon:

"To kiss a giraffe!! Who gets to do THAT? I LOVED Rozanne Weisman’s new children's book, "Rozanne Travels to Africa to Kiss a Giraffe!" It's absolutely charming & just perfect for the level of children's understanding & their sense of awe. BRAVA Rozanne! You've really got a winner on your hands. I know children from all around the world will lap up this book which speaks directly to THEM! And I hope it makes it into multiple languages for that very purpose. I'd love to see it become a New York Times best seller, because it's also a joyful & fascinating book, even for an adult.”

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