RSTOR Forms Advisory Board to Guide Development of Solutions that Simplify and Empower Hybrid, Multi-Cloud Enterprise Infrastructure Strategies

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RSTOR (, a software defined cloud platform provider that enables enterprises to manage data across hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructure environments, has announced the formation of the RSTOR Growth Advisory Board.

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“The Growth Advisory Board is made up of world-renowned senior technology executives. They have been advising RSTOR since early September to assist in RSTOR’s ability to deliver virtualized cloud solutions to market." -- Paul Buttle, chief revenue officer for RSTOR

RSTOR (, a software defined cloud platform provider that enables enterprises to manage data across hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructure environments, has announced the formation of the RSTOR Growth Advisory Board. The board’s mission is to provide guidance in the identification and development of use cases and applications that will enable RSTOR to continue simplifying and strengthening enterprise technology modernization initiatives.

“The Growth Advisory Board is made up of world-renowned senior technology executives. They have been advising RSTOR since early September to assist in RSTOR’s ability to deliver virtualized cloud solutions to market,” said Paul Buttle, chief revenue officer for RSTOR.

The group includes chief technology officers (CTOs) and chief information officers (CIOs) from such industries as: telecommunications, media and entertainment, semiconductor manufacturing and design, life sciences, healthcare, sports, automotive, banking and financial services and technology.

“The members are well-respected industry leaders in their respective markets. Each has been recognized by peers for introducing innovations that have successfully transformed organizations to achieve mission-critical business objectives,” said Buttle

RSTOR -- which in February of 2017 received $45 million in series A funding from Cisco Investments and a further $35 million in funding in late 2019 from Digital Alpha -- has created a next-generation cloud-based solution that virtualizes today’s complex on-premises and cloud-based infrastructures. By providing an agnostic space for storing and transporting data across heterogeneous environments, RSTOR enables enterprises to select the most appropriate computing resource for specific processing requirements in the most cost-effective manner possible.

RSTOR uses mesh networking technology to securely move and replicate objects efficiently between different points-of-presence (PoPs) and automatically synchronize content to provide automated access to enterprise data across today’s complex enterprise infrastructures and virtualized CSPs. RSTOR leverages artificial intelligence to predict where data will be required and dynamically superposition the data accordingly, further increasing cloud storage performance and effectiveness while at the same time bringing a new level of cost containment and control to the enterprise.

“Input from RSTOR’s Growth Advisory Board has already influenced our key technology development and market positioning decisions,” said Giovanni Coglitore, Founder & CEO of RSTOR. “The board has provided constructive contributions that have led to significant improvements in RSTOR products and services to ensure we meet enterprises' current needs. You can see their fingerprints on the recent launch of RSTOR Transporter, a software-as-a-service solution that enables companies to rapidly and cost-effectively manage and move enterprise data to and from on-premises data centers, private-cloud and public-cloud environments.”

As more enterprises engage in business transformation initiatives, the Growth Advisory Board will play a pivotal role in guiding the technology development and go-to-market plans of RSTOR. Board-members were asked to share their views and perspectives about enterprise-wide adoption of data mobility strategies in a hybrid, multi-cloud environment and the mission of RSTOR. Here is synopsis of what they had to say:

“Having been directly involved with nearly every chapter in the history of enterprise computing -- including mainframes, mini-computers, client server, web and mobile applications -- I believe cloud is not a new chapter, but an entirely new book. I would like to continue to help enterprises realize the potential. I agreed to join RSTOR’s Growth Advisory Board to have a direct impact on the present and future of enterprise data management in hybrid, multi-cloud environments.” -- Mark Sunday, former CIO for Oracle, Siebel, Motorola

“Orchestrating multiple infrastructures is always difficult. The nature of cloud environments makes working across different providers even tougher. The addition of significantly growing workloads and data in these environments create a great deal of complexity and cost. RSTOR is the first company I have seen in a long while that is significantly improving storage performance, while also greatly reducing the cost of storage.” -- Norm Fjeldheim, former CIO for Illumina and Qualcomm

“Data movement, data synchronization and data replication and data performance in today’s hybrid, multi-cloud environment have created real difficulties for enterprises. RSTOR is making available tools that enable multi-cloud strategy -- such as getting to real disaster recovery while improving uptime for developed services. The company is also helping organizations improve the way they move data for deeper and richer processing.” -- Ken Venner, former CIO for Broadcom, SpaceX, Peak6 and e-Share

“I believe that we are at an inflection point in several important industries -- such as healthcare, life sciences, and pharmaceuticals. Companies in these sectors need to accelerate the adoption of more advanced technologies to better support their customers. RSTOR can help drive this adoption as its solutions enable rapid implementation, ease of data access and affordability.” -- Joe Beery, former CIO for Thermo Fisher Scientific, Life Technologies, US Airways, and America West Airlines

“Cloud technology is no longer solely an operational choice but a necessary strategic direction that most companies have to take. These days organizations cannot partner with a single cloud provider. Companies in the video gaming industry, for instance, have to partner with AWS, Google, Oracle, Azure and others. The challenge for these enterprises is having to integrate all these cloud environments. The enterprise’s own on-premises data center also introduces a new set of challenges such as security, integration, data mobility, data integrity, interoperability, and latency. A video game company has to integrate all these infrastructure environments while continuing to offer a gaming experience on a global scale that remains resilient, scalable, flexible, cost effective and reliable.” -- Bertrand Leroux, former SVP and CIO for Activision Blizzard, and Vivendi Games

“In sectors like the wireless/telecom industry, companies must continue to deliver five-nines (99.999) availability, even as they embrace complex multi-cloud environments offered and supported by key strategic vendors. They also must work to offer their own customers secure cloud-enabled offerings. Wireless and telecom companies typically structure financial management that favors CAPEX over OPEX. Cloud platforms generate massive OPEX expenditures. Edge computing will be an important factor in addressing this challenge. RSTOR will be an impact player across the edge ecosystem.” -- Robert Strickland, former CTO for DISH, T-Mobile, Cricket Wireless, Neustar

“The challenges associated with managing data mobility in the context of hybrid, multi-cloud environments revolve around issues of scale, complexity and pricing, and in recent years, security has overtaken the others as the key concern. RSTOR offers a compelling approach to addressing these and other critical enterprise technology management issues” -- Dr. Theodore Roosevelt Malloch, CEO at Roosevelt Global Fiduciary Governance Limited

“The opportunity to work with a very interesting and intriguing new technology, while working side-by-side with some tremendous minds, makes working on the RSTOR Growth Advisory Board a very appealing prospect. The largest challenge facing the industry revolves around the diverse systems and diverse environments that coexist, but are not always integrated or well managed. This leads to data being distributed all over the place. RSTOR’s approach to the problem statement effectively allows organizations to think less about where the data, and more about what to do with the data to accelerate insights, application deployment and resiliency.” -- B.J. Vander Linden, CIO at Larry H. Miller Management Corporation

“Access to data across cloud providers continues to be a large challenge for organizations with complex infrastructures. Many companies have data stored in GCP, SF, Oracle and on-premises data centers. To gain insights from enterprise data, organizations require the ability to manage, move and replicate data across these various cloud providers. This can be a slow and costly process. RSTOR offers solutions that enable companies to better manage and move ‘hot’ data to local availability zones which will improve enterprises’ performance and achievement of desired business outcomes.” -- Marty Boos, CIO at StubHub

“In a hybrid, multi-cloud environment, the major cloud providers are working to optimize costs. The management of multiple vendors, mitigation of shadow IT and improvements in performance and accessibility present very real constraints for cloud service providers as well. The technology and cost savings that RSTOR solutions deliver to the industry greatly benefit enterprises in current cloud operations and migrations.” -- Larry Godec, Current Chairman of the Board, Technology Business Management (TBM) Council

“As companies continue to shift workloads to hybrid, multi-cloud environments, the cost efficient and effective movement of enterprise data is critical. RSTOR is a key enabler in the right place and right time with breakthrough economics that will complement traditional cloud service providers in new and innovative ways without vendor lock-in. I believe RSTOR can address these challenges and is ripe for significant growth.” -- Lance Ralls, CIO for Pelican Products


RSTOR empowers customers with a true ‘software defined cloud’ built for the secure, performant edge. Built by a founding team steeped in innovation in enterprise infrastructure, RSTOR equips customers with a single, integrated platform that eliminates variable costs, vendor lock-in, and regionality, while offering the flexibility of using multiple cloud service providers without additional fees. For more information, visit

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