Sales Open Up for the New 2.0 version of the Durable Hedgehog Umbrella, a Collapsible Umbrella Designed to Withstand 70 MPH Winds

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Designed with a patent-pending system inspired by the automotive suspension system, the newest version of this durable umbrella is engineered so it won’t flip inside-out and will last a lifetime, providing reliable protection from the weather while keeping users confident and dry

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For consumers concerned with sustainability, the Hedgehog Umbrella offers a realistic alternative that will divert a lot of umbrellas going into landfills as trash around the world each year.

Sales for the 2.0 version of the Hedgehog Umbrella, a durable, long-lasting collapsible umbrella designed to withstand winds of 70 miles-per-hour, have opened up on company’s website.

Developed by mechanical engineers Kevin Truong from Edmonton, Alberta and Cahay Ho from Toronto, Ontario, the two mechanical engineers drew upon their work in automotive sector designing cars over the past decade to create the innovative and strong Carbon Frame architecture used in their new 2.0 version of the Hedgehog Umbrella.

“While living in the rainy city of Vancouver, where it rains about nine months out of the year, we like many others were frustrated by the endless cycle of broken umbrella after broken umbrella,” said Truong. “Whether it was due to poor quality construction, weak hinged joints or even from flipping inside out from the wind, every single umbrella we used ended with the exact same fate.”

Considering umbrellas have existed for thousands of years, the duo decided to apply the same principals they used designing cars to develop a new, more durable umbrella using its own patent-pending WindFlex design.

“As automotive engineers, we’ve designed and built cars emphasizing on performance and reliability where the everyday car has been optimized to run for decades, this while the everyday umbrella can barely last a season,” Truong said. “Broken umbrellas are a common sight following every heavy rainfall, and its estimated that people discard about 1 billion broken umbrellas every year.”

The duo and its team redesigned almost every single component in the traditional umbrella to create the Hedgehog Umbrella, which features a fully carbon fiber architecture, interchangeable canopy capability, and an automotive-inspired suspension system that can withstand the most chaotic winds and won’t flip inside-out under stress.

“It’s truly a product we’re proud enough to declare to be the last umbrella you will ever buy,” Truong said. “Instead of buying a collapsible umbrella that’s considered to be disposable, this one will last a lifetime.”

Features include:

  • A fully carbon fiber frame architecture that is 10 times stronger than next best competitor
  • A patent-pending WindFlex suspension system that can divert incoming winds and prevent the umbrella from flipping inside out and able to withstand winds of over 70 mph (Hurricane Category 1 windspeed)
  • The first umbrella with fully interchangeable canopy capabilities
  • An integrated outer enclosure design for loss prevention

“One study found that, worldwide, people throw away enough broken umbrellas to build 25 Eiffel Towers…and the Eiffel Tower is 986 feet (301 meters) tall,” Truong said. “For consumers concerned with sustainability, the Hedgehog Umbrella offers a realistic alternative that will divert a lot of umbrellas going into landfills as trash around the world each year.”

For more information and to purchase the 2.0 Hedgehog Umbrella, visit

About Hedgehog
Hedgehog Umbrella is revolutionizing the umbrella industry through innovative engineering. Their award-winning products combine modern design and automotive technology to transform the traditional disposable umbrella into durable and long-lasting products. In a market filled with weak and disposable umbrellas, Hedgehog umbrellas are the only solution built to last a lifetime. For more information, visit

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