SF-DeepDive Allows Mainframe Outsourcers a Quick and Deep Technical Due Diligence of System z

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Enterprise-IT-Security.com offers the new SF-DeepDive software and service package to mainframe outsourcers, helping them to quickly and deeply evaluate potential customers’ z/OS mainframes.

Deep Dive Due Diligence of System z

Enterprise-IT-Security.com announced today that it will release its new z/OS due diligence software package SF-DeepDive for mainframe outsourcers, including a specialized subset of solutions, such as SF-Sherlock and SF-SafeDump as an option.

Whenever an outsourcing service provider offers its collaboration to a potential new client, this relies fully on the facts and details provided. Both sides involved in such a step have their own interests, and there is also tough competition among today’s outsourcing service providers. “Similar to the residual risks given with a seemingly attractive inheritance, it would be of great benefit to have the option of a more neutral and deeper due diligence. The status quo of a potential customer’s mainframes definitely regulates efficiency and thus the overall costs on the outsourcer’s site. And there are reasons why a client might want to get rid of its mainframes,” says Stephen Fedtke, CTO of Enterprise-IT-Security.com.

Therefore, outsourcers definitely need a quick, easy, early and deep insight into their potential “inheritance” and a curiosity about the quality and security of the given systems in terms of a clean and well maintained operating system, good security controls, proper compliance without vulnerabilities, well-established operational procedures via system automation, and other aspects. A failure of quality may result in additional costs and effort that are hard to calculate; corresponding improvements have to be defined as prerequisites before responsibility can be fully undertaken, or can be offered as extra, paid services that are performed later.

The SF-DeepDive due diligence (DD) software package solves this problem by allowing a clearer insight into given systems in a very short amount of time. As an option, it can be combined with local assessment services. “As a kind of Swiss Army Knife, SF-DeepDive provides all plug & play tools needed to deeply assess the quality and security of the configuration within a given mainframe infrastructure. If well prepared, such a deep scan can be done in a one- or two-day visit,” says Stephen Fedtke.

Apart from its “one shot use” for performing a deep dive during the due diligence phase, SF-DeepDive is also of great value later on. It allows outsourcers highly efficient, cost-effective and comprehensive 360-degree quality and security monitoring on clients’ mainframes so as to avoid problems through early identification: problems that may easily result in down times, breaches, or similar events, and, as a consequence, in relationship problems or even disputes. A classic feature as regards this early error detection is that of an IPL simulation and constant parmlib verification. In this context, it can be connected to Splunk or to any SIEM, system automation or other monitoring solution, apart from sending emails.

Optionally, SF-DeepDive also includes SF-SafeDump, the patented dump and log file anonymization solution with a zIIP offload rate of up to 95%. The option to also use SF-SafeDump allows the outsourcing service provider a complete avoidance of legal and compliance risks resulting from forwarding the dumps and logs of a sensitive client’s mainframe to a software vendor’s support.

In the current climate of high competition and steep obligations, the SF-DeepDive solution package fits today’s demands of outsourcers to provide cost-effective, no-loss offers and to have all options for satisfying the expectations of more demanding clients with regards to today’s system stability, data protection, security and compliance obligations.

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Enterprise-IT-Security.com is a leading provider of unique security and compliance solutions and services for both mainframe and client-server platforms. The Swiss company with worldwide operations specializes in critical IT infrastructure and partners with the world's largest companies and institutions to successfully achieve and maintain IT environments that fulfill the highest security and compliance requirements. Its Integrity 2.0 Initiative for System z, which launched in 2016, offers new and unique solutions for security and compliance at a level that far surpasses today’s industry standards.

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