Siborg participated in Nepcon Vietnam, presented LCR-Reader-MPA

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The Canadian company displayed their LCR-Reader products and gave an in depth look at the LCR-Reader-MPA, a new device with the highest accuracy and most features of all Siborg’s test equipment

Before the Show: V-Proud Team with Richard Mai and Michael Obrecht from Siborg in the center.

Before the Show: V-Proud Team with Richard Mai and Michael Obrecht from Siborg in the center.

Visitors at Nepcon Vietnam were excited by the abilities of LCR-Reader-MPA, particularily the Bluetooth feature that records measurement values in real-time.

Siborg Systems Inc. showed off their newest model in their line of all-in-one multimeters at Nepcon Vietnam. The tradeshows’ visitors were eager to see the capabilities of the LCR-Reader line of devices, with focus on the LCR-Reader-MPA. Siborg presented the LCR-Reader-MPA, giving the audience a look into the capabilities of the device and was met with great enthusiasm.

LCR-Reader-MPA was a natural continuation of the Smart Tweezers line of products and first debuted at Nepcon Korea 2019 in May and has since been a top seller among Siborg’s multimeters. The LCR-Reader-MPA is the newest model and boasts a 0.1% basic accuracy and wider range of features than other tweezer-based multimeters. For example, it can handle 0.1 pF capacitor measurements. Some of these features include fully automatic LCR and ESR measurements that require no-setup, LED/Diode, 100 kHz test frequency, 3 test signal levels, oscilloscope mode, AC/DC current/voltage tests, super cap testing and more.

The design is simple; a powerful yet compact multimeter with gold-plated tweezers as probes that does the work for you. When the user grasps a component with the tweezers, the LCR-Reader will automatically determine the type of component and best test parameters for that component before measuring with a high accuracy. All measurement results, including the main impedance value, secondary values (ESR), test mode, test frequency and type of component are instantly available on the OLED display.

Nepcon’s visitors were impressed by what LCR-Reader-MPA can do. The booth saw many visitors, many showing interest in the whole line of LCR-Reader, including the flagship device. The LCR-Reader line was created in 2014 as a budget alternative to the Smart Tweezers line of devices. The first model only offered a 0.5% basic accuracy and automatic LCR/ESR measurements; users are able to change the test mode but not much else. In 2017, Siborg released the LCR-Reader-MP to bridge the gap between LCR-Reader and Smart Tweezers; this model offered a high basic accuracy of 0.1% and a range of features that rivaled the Smart Tweezers devices.

“The crowd was excited,” says Siborg’s Director, Michael Obrecht, “the booth saw many visitors, many who mentioned they were very interested in the devices abilities. Among the visitors were many representatives from world leading companies including Toyota, Samsung and Panasonic. The announced Bluetooth model also attracted a lot of attention. The ability to save time, not only with uick and easy measurements, but also by remotely recording the values.”

The LCR-Reader-MPA is a more refined version of the device and offers 3 models: the basic LCR-Reader-MPA, the LCR-Reader-MPAL with a lower range of test frequencies, and the LCR-Reader-MPA BT a Bluetooth enabled model. The BT model is able to send and receive measurement data from PC and Android devices. When connected, users are able to remotely record measurement data either in the proprietary software or a database; users can also set custom profiles for measurements, allowing them to make specific parameters a component must fit within for the program to grant a pass or fail. The ability to record measurements in real time is exceptionally helpful for quality control where time is essential. Additional quick Short/Open calibration implemented in LCR-Reader-MPA significantly simplify elimination of parasitic tweezer impedance compared to Smart Tweezers.

Other features on LCR-Reader-MPA include:

  • 0.1% Basic accuracy
  • Test frequency including 100, 120 Hz, 1, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 75, and 100 kHz
  • Full automatic and manual LCR, ESR, Diode/LED testing
  • Signal Generator with Sine wave up to 100 kHz
  • Easy Open/Short calibration and offset removal
  • Large and Super Large Capacitance testing to 640 mF
  • 3.2 Volt LED test voltage
  • Test Signal Reduction to 0.1V for in-circuit measurements
  • Test Signal levels of 0.1, 0.5 and 1 Vrms
  • NIST Traceable Calibration certificate (only with LCR-Reader-Pro task kit)
  • Li-Poly battery with micro-USB chagrin
  • 1 oz. weight
  • Gold-plated test leads

The LCR-Reader Store offers a wide range of Siborg’s test equipment, accessories and parts, including the task kits. Siborg’s task kits are a pre-bundled selection of a device and accessories, like the LCR-Reader-MPA Professional that includes and NIST Traceable Calibration Certificate, Kelvin Probe Connector Kit, spare bent tweezer probes, Offset Calibration board and charger. LCR-Reader-MPA and other devices are also available on Siborg’s Amazon sales channels in North America and Europe.

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