Smart Start Introduces Revolutionary FLEX as its Latest Ignition Interlock Device

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Rollout of Groundbreaking In-Car Breathalyzer Begins, Adding Convenience, Saving Time and Money for Users

Revolutionary FLEX-Cal technology features a groundbreaking fuel cell module that can be easily replaced by a user where law allows.

Simply put, FLEX is the most advanced Ignition Interlock on the market.

Smart Start LLC today announced the launch of the innovative FLEX™ Ignition Interlock Device, a major leap forward in ease, convenience, and cost savings for users of in-car breathalyzers. NHTSA-certified FLEX utilizes Smart Start’s revolutionary FLEX-Cal™ technology, featuring a groundbreaking fuel cell module that can easily be replaced. This patented technology enables immediate contactless calibration of the FLEX Ignition Interlock Device (IID).

The handheld device, which is about the size of a smartphone, also has a sleek, stylish design with an intuitive interface. During the pre-calibrated FLEX-Cal module replacement process, the FLEX IID handset is never removed from the vehicle, ensuring that the licensed technician’s original device configuration remains intact.

Smart Start, the leading Ignition Interlock provider with thousands of locations in the U.S.and internationally, will initially roll out FLEX in select partner states that require the use of an IID for impaired-driving related offenses. Over time, additional states and markets will be offered FLEX and its FLEX-Cal technology benefits.


Currently, all 50 states have some form of Ignition Interlock requirement, with 34 states plus Washington, D.C. requiring an in-car breathalyzer for impaired-driving offenders. Many states require regularly scheduled visits to a Smart Start service center for device calibration, which can be a barrier to program entry due to the location and time required to perform the calibration. FLEX provides states with the choice on how often they want a user to make a contactless calibration service visit.

Daryl Grimes, Smart Start Chief Operating Officer, said that FLEX will create a huge advantage for the company’s Ignition Interlock users and monitoring authorities by enabling contactless calibration, streamlining the process, enhancing the user experience, and reducing program costs.

“Our patented FLEX-Cal technology reduces the time needed for calibration. And because FLEX’s handset is not removed from the originally installed Ignition Interlock system, the required device settings are never compromised,” Grimes said. “For states that require a licensed technician to configure and validate program settings, FLEX’s always connected architecture provides a high assurance level of program compliance. Simply put, FLEX is the most advanced Ignition Interlock on the market.

“We’re committed to ensuring device accuracy and precision while streamlining the service process for our users,” he added. “Our goal is to help monitoring authorities and users successfully complete the state’s Ignition Interlock program by removing barriers.”


An Ignition Interlock Device works by requiring a driver to blow into a mouthpiece to test their Breath Alcohol Concentration (BrAC) before they can start a vehicle. If the device detects a BrAC greater than a preset level determined by the monitoring authority, it prevents the engine from being started.

Ignition Interlock Devices have prevented drivers from illegally starting their vehicles more than 26 million times. Smart Start CEO Matt Strausz said that FLEX is the latest example of the company’s commitment to advanced alcohol breath-testing technology, whether through in-car breathalyzers, portable alcohol monitoring, or transdermal alcohol monitoring devices.

“We’re proud to work with the initial states to begin using FLEX as part of their Ignition Interlock requirement,” Strausz said. “We have always been committed to reducing the number of lives lost to impaired drivers, and Ignition Interlocks are a proven way to achieve that goal.”


Based in the Dallas suburb of Grapevine, Texas, 1A Smart Start LLC is the acknowledged leader in alcohol monitoring nationally and worldwide with our advanced alcohol breath-testing technology. Smart Start’s Ignition Interlock is a convenient, discreet solution for impaired driving offenders, while SmartMobile™, BreathCheck™ and ORBIS™ portable alcohol monitoring devices provide the greatest benefit at the lowest cost to users and monitoring authorities. Our SmartWeb™ online platform offers quick reporting and analysis for easy caseload management. Smart Start is Setting the Standard in Alcohol Monitoring Technology® with thousands of service locations across the U.S. and internationally, and a 24/7/365 multilingual Customer Care Center. For more information, visit

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