SPECTRUM AUDIOBOOKS: There are no hot elves and if you think you know what happened to Romeo and Juliet, think again

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Our February audiobooks elicit the excitement of video games or tug at the heartstrings.

Spectrum Publishing is pleased to present 2 new releases.

The Culling of Man tells the tale of Garath who is a gamer that spent his time adventuring in magical worlds behind a keyboard. He was exploring one of those very worlds when the planet that he actually inhabited became suddenly, and drastically more interesting.

The ability to shapeshift into a house cat or summon a demon to serve him were things that were only possible in video games and epic fantasy novels, until they weren't. He may not have had the luxury of a controller or mouse to explore his new abilities, but Garath's dream came true when Earth was fundamentally altered. More akin now to the RPG games that he loved so much than the 9-5 grind he'd woken up to that morning. He's a quick study though, and learns quickly that this new Earth isn't just fun and games.

The tutorial kills everybody.

Well not everybody. Almost everybody. Garath and a motley crew of friends and neighbors band together to survive. They are forced to work together using their new abilities to hold off the increasingly deadly waves of monsters.

The Peril's Prodigy series features 30 unique Classes, a Human racial Ability to shapeshift, character leveling, some things readers really just can't un-read, and a look into the future of this new Earth. Readers may laugh, they may cringe. And if they're anything like Garath, They'll wonder where in the hell on this new video game Earth are all the hot elves?

***Full disclosure: this is not a harem novel. There are no hot elves.


About the Author

Author Craig Kobayashi spends most of his time in front of his computer.Reading epic fantasy and science fiction from the likes of David Eddings and Orson Scott Card has always been another of Craig's passions. It wasn't until he turned 30 that Craig managed to rank up his attention span to Rank 1 (average human standard) and used that newfound average-ness to start writing books. His debut series, Peril's Prodigy, is an apocalyptic litrpg that, if you asked him, is pretty gosh darn cool.

Unfortunately for him, the competition is pretty steep for the title of being Craig's #1 fan. He would like to claim that title for himself, but his beautiful lore keeper and wife, Tabitha, remains in heated contention with their dog, Bill for that post - leaving Craig fighting for third place with the cat, Cat.

Spectrum is proud to be publishing his Peril's Prodigy series.

Just what did happen to Romeo and Juliet?

And just in time for Valentine's Day, we present The Ghostly Father, written by British author Sue Barnard.

Think you know the world's most famous love story? Think again. What if the story of Romeo and Juliet really happened - but not quite in the way we've all been told?

This part-prequel, part-sequel to the original tale, told from the point of view of the Friar, tells how an ancient Italian manuscript reveals secrets and lies which have remained hidden for hundreds of years, and casts new doubts on the official story of Shakespeare's famous star-crossed lovers.

If you love the Romeo and Juliet story but are disappointed with the way it ended, this is the book for you.


About the Author

Sue was born in North Wales, UK, but has spent most of her life in and around the city of Manchester. After graduating from Durham University with a degree in French, Sue got married then had a variety of office jobs before becoming a full-time parent. If she had her way, the phrase "non-working mother" would be banned from the English language.

Since then she has had a series of part-time jobs, including some work as a freelance copywriter. In parallel with this she took several courses in Creative Writing. Her writing achievements include winning the Writing Magazine New Subscribers Poetry Competition for 2013. She is also very interested in Family History. Her own background is stranger than fiction; she'd write a book about it if she thought anybody would believe her.

Sue has a mind which is sufficiently warped as to be capable of compiling questions for BBC Radio 4's fiendishly difficult Round Britain Quiz. This once caused one of her sons to describe her as "professionally weird." The label has stuck.

Sue joined the editorial team of Crooked Cat Publishing team in 2013. The Ghostly Father is her first novel.


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