SSHC, Inc. Introduces Enerjoy® Radiant Heaters for Hospital and Mobile Medical Units

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Enerjoy radiant panels deliver heat with no airborne contaminants assisting in the reduction of aerosol transmissions

Direct source-to-object radiant heat transfer which is free of contaminants is a preferred heat delivery alternative.

An anticipated large influx of COVID-19 infectious patients will require containment in hospital rooms with airborne isolation. This is an overwhelming task for the healthcare system, such as the one New York is currently experiencing. Most hospitals only have a handful of these rooms. In addition, modifying or installing ducted and other forced air systems is imperfect as conventional space ductwork can distribute contaminants throughout an area in both the delivery and return modes.

Studies state that virus aerosolization can extend up to several hours. Virus aerosols can be generated from patients as well as be stirred up from surfaces. An aerosol that encounters a solid object will adhere to that object. Direct source-to-object radiant heat transfer is free of contaminants.

Enerjoy® radiant ceiling panels, manufactured by SSHC, Inc., heat the mass of objects and floor surfaces that reradiate to warm the air. There is no noise, no dust, no allergens, no pollutants, no odors, no ductwork, no air stratification or contaminant-laden drafts. Enerjoy radiant heat panels are used in burn units or “clean” rooms to ensure the safety as well as comfort of patients.

Enerjoy radiant panels heat an entire space for a fraction of convective operating and system cost. Enerjoy electric heaters partner well with alternative energy sources such as photovoltaic and wind energy due to the low energy draw.

Lightweight aluminum panels install directly to the ceiling surface, lay in to a T-bar grid or in the case of industrial height ceilings, suspend with chains. Enerjoy panels install as easily as a light fixture. Furthermore, they are safe to touch and enable full use of all floor space.

SSHC is introducing plug-in Enerjoy Personal Heaters for mobile use. These floor models heat with only 400 to 750 watts and are safe to touch. The Enerjoy Personal Heaters provide personal comfort when, where and as needed in emergency circumstances. Low-wattage Enerjoy Personal Heaters provide the same non-draft, non-contaminant benefits as the ceiling models.

The floor models can be placed in supplied stands or mounted to a nearby wall, if permanent installation is preferred. The smooth panel surfaces allow for disinfection on an as-needed basis. The Enerjoy Personal Heaters are easily transportable for make-shift site locations.

Enerjoy radiant panels, US DOE Energy Related Invention Program #34, are manufactured in Westbrook, Connecticut, in standard and custom sizes, voltages, and wattages. The joint D.O.E NAHB Enerjoy case study found a 32% energy savings over the heat pump and 52% over baseboard, with superior occupant thermal comfort - all with 50% lower BTU sizing.

About the SSHC, Inc.and the Founder

SSHC,Inc. has been a leader in the radiant industry for over 30 years, providing innovative solutions for heating using far infrared technology. Richard Watson, President and Founder of SSHC, Inc. co-authored McGraw-Hill’s 900 page book THE HANDBOOK OF RADIANT HEATING & COOLING. Mr Watson is an ASHRAE member and previous committee chair, and has published many white papers on the subject of radiant heat. Enerjoy radiant panels, flagship product of SSHC, Inc., are used worldwide for residential, commercial, industrial and personal heating applications.

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