Stratodesk Launches Velma Lakes, Unveiling a New Generation of Harmonized Cloud, VDI and IoT Endpoint Management

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Groundbreaking software release imparts unrivaled agility, hardware integration and new use cases to enterprises worldwide.

With NoTouch Center 4.3, ‘Velma Lakes’, we bring many improvements drawing from our multi-platform experience while fulfilling numerous customer feature requests” says Stratodesk CEO and Founder, Emanuel Pirker.

Stratodesk, leader in VDI, Cloud and IoT endpoint solutions, announced today the General Availability of Velma Lakes, the latest software version of NoTouch Desktop, the flagship product used by thousands of customers around the world to manage complex, mixed endpoint deployments. Velma Lakes is the crescendo and cumulation of the last two years of innovation from Stratodesk. It is a truly landmark software solution unrivaled by any competing offering, and is more capable than ever of fully harmonizing prior disunity between Cloud, VDI and IoT. Complete with the latest clients from major VDI providers, Velma Lakes comes with a host of new features and third party integrations to successfully bridge the gap between endpoint management of yesterday and tomorrow: including a hugely upgraded generational OS infrastructure update available without any disruption, major leaps and bounds made in innovation, including raising the bar for how endpoint management software looks and feels for any existing or competing platform, powerful third party integrations, and a host of new features unique to NoTouch Desktop.

“With NoTouch Center 4.3, ‘Velma Lakes’, we bring many improvements drawing from our multi-platform experience while fulfilling numerous customer feature requests,” says Stratodesk CEO and Founder, Emanuel Pirker. “Take the new update/OS image selection, for example. It has never been easier to update a diverse fleet of endpoints. Thanks to fantastic collaboration with major VDI providers, we are always on the cutting edge with the latest VDI Clients. Our fantastic family of both technology and hardware partners enable us to solve an ever farther reaching number of use cases that before were thought improbable. Today, Stratodesk software has sent endpoint management into turbospeed, unlocking unlimited and unequaled time and cost savings to enterprises and businesses of all sizes, all around the world.”

New Features Overcome Previously Unsolved Enterprise IT Challenges

While the new update/OS image selection mechanism streamlines endpoint management processes by enabling unprecedented management for x86 and Raspberry Pi devices in the same network at the speed of a single click, system administrators and IT managers around the world will be dazzled by cutting edge and intuitive new user role management capabilities. These capabilities streamline user role management, enabling enterprises to seamlessly configure permissions across their entire organization with unprecedented ease.

The new licenses limitation features also solves major system administration challenges by initiating unparalleled administration over the type of licenses and number allowed at any level.

Velma Lakes includes Stratodesk Cloud Xtension as well, extending NoTouch Center management through a standard internet connection to endpoints, wherever they are. No matter if they are based in the cloud or in the DMZ, Stratodesk Cloud Xtension intuitively validates connection and transmits critical data between NoTouch Center and endpoints, without a VPN. Shadowing and Webconnect work through Cloud Xtension, too.

New features available in NoTouch Center 4.3 also include integrations with Slack and Zoom, a fantastic new notification framework, allowing IT to know changes being made at once, easy drag and drop and right click functionalities, autosave, and much, much more.

Velma Lakes Solves Use Cases for IT Around the World

Close collaboration with major VDI leaders has enabled Stratodesk to solve use cases with Velma Lakes that are simply out of reach for other solution providers. And Stratodesk software is always at the vanguard in regards to supporting the latest VDI Clients and protocols, including Citrix Workspace App 1912 and VMware Horizon Client 5.3.0.

Additionally, a range of features are available in Velma Lakes that truly embolden IT to take endpoint management into new frontiers of ease, speed, and customizability for any hardware device, ranging from the most affordable Raspberry Pi, to the most powerful gaming PC, used in BYOD scenarios. Today’s businesses are as complex and unique as the individuals that work for them, meaning that endpoint management must be so fast, adaptable and forward thinking that it can anticipate these challenges, and be used to effectively solve them sometimes before organizations have even realized that the challenge exists.

Workers today require specific devices across the spectrum of hardware, making the need for a hardware agnostic solution more paramount than ever. They expect to get their work done from home, on the go, or in the office from one, two or even more devices. Stratodesk software covers this vast and complex spectrum of use cases and hardware more profoundly than ever thanks to Velma Lakes, enabling the best-in-class endpoint management interface for administrators and workers/end-users alike.

Technology and Hardware Integrations Raise the Stakes in Velma Lakes

Bolstering this capability is Stratodesk’s now legendary community of hardware and technology partners. Velma Lakes brings with it integrations with the likes of Imprivata, Liquidware, Lakeside, Teradici and even the IoT device powered by ThinPrint – the ThinPrint Hub, and the Citrix Ready workspace hub. Also, on the hardware end, Velma Lakes is a testament to just how wide Stratodesk’s family of supported hardware products has expanded, including the latest generation of the Raspberry Pi, PCs, Jetson Nano, cutting edge graphics cards, Intel, ATI, and LG All-in-One Thin Clients with built in TC.

Unique Features Added to NoTouch Desktop Platform

Lastly, and in addition to the brand new features made available in Velma Lakes, IT leaders globally will be enthused to note that Velma Lakes includes groundbreaking features like: NoTouch Cloud, Flexible Device Update, Disk Encryption, Automated Certificate Distribution, SNMP/LLDP – Advanced Network and more.

With Velma Lakes, a perfect synthesis of speed, flexibility, and ease of management is now available worldwide – the ideal depiction of what software can achieve when combined with the infinite use cases of tomorrow’s technology. Stratodesk customers can update to Velma Lakes via the download portal in their Stratoworld accounts, while those interested in trying Stratodesk out for themselves can download a free trial by visiting

About Stratodesk
Stratodesk is redefining end user computing by delivering an all-in-one solution for VDI, DaaS and IoT markets. Stratodesk’s cutting edge, linux-based OS and management suite, NoTouch, is a next generation, hardware-agnostic solution that enables companies to cost-effectively man-age their entire secure digital perimeter. Stratodesk’s solution works seamlessly across x86 and ARM/Raspberry Pi based hardware products to provide a unified platform for your endpoints. It also increases endpoint security, simplifies user experience and allows customers to maximize the benefits of existing desktop hardware through PC Repurposing.

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