Super Squares® Classics Provides React, LLC with Treasure Trove of One-of-a-kind Advertising Insights

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The by-invitation Memorial Day mobile game show reveals how both fans and brands win when consumers react to ad-based sports quiz

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We are uncovering new ways to provide invaluable insights on the ad’s likability and comprehension, and also drawing correlations to recall. - Jim Coraci, SVP of National Accounts, React LLC

Last Monday’s Super Squares® Classics beta event may have excited a handful of game show winners. But the data and insights the live game show platform uncovers – while protecting the identities of its players – reveals that fans aren’t the only victors. The limited number of brands and radio and TV networks ultimately selected to participate will be the real winners, according to React, LLC Founder and CEO Frank Maggio.

“The fifteen-year wait is finally over,” remarks Maggio, pinning the time-span's start to his two-year landmark anti-trust battle against media measurement monopoly Nielsen Media Research in 2005. “The ability to deliver a census-level measurement solution for millions of real time consumers was born this week. It’s now ‘game over’ for guessing if an ad was delivered, viewed, and understood.”

Working with React’s newly appointed SVP of National Accounts, Jim Coraci, Maggio and others on the “client side” are creating a next-day dashboard for participating brands that will provide more than just ratings. “Clients will finally have proof that consumers viewed (and understood) their message,” said Coraci. “We are uncovering new ways to provide invaluable insights on the ad’s likability and comprehension, and also drawing correlations to recall.”

Maggio’s unrelenting focus on perfecting a census-level approach to media and ad measurement has its genesis with his Erin Media venture of over a decade ago. But a Business Insider article quoting former WPP CEO Sir Martin Sorrell, triggered Maggio and his React team to define the parameters for delivering the perfect product. “Sorrell mentioned the three V’s – Viewability, Verification, and Value – as the areas of greatest weakness in digital and even legacy media’s efforts to distribute and charge for advertising. And he was right – big brands and agencies are paying for video ads to be watched for as little as two seconds, often with only half the ad visible, without any proof of who the person is, or that they are even paying attention!”

The React CEO is unabashed in his disdain for the status quo: “It’s actually pathetic. When a brand pays for an undelivered ad, that ad doesn’t work… but we all pay for it as consumers, hidden in the cost of the product. We all lose.” Coraci repeats what’s affectionately become the “Maggio Mantra” during the company’s weekly strategy meetings: “He says it all the time: ‘When ads work, people work.’”

When the Super Squares® app began development in late 2015, there were three requirements established in order for an ad inside the live game shows to be billable: “Every ad must be viewed in full at least once, by a fully registered fan whose identity remains protected,” states Maggio. “And – they must ‘react’ to a question that verifies they’ve paid attention,” which adheres to the seminal “reactive” advertising patent granted to Maggio in 2004. “Otherwise, our client pays nothing.”

As to pricing the ad when – and only when - all requirements are in place, Coraci confirms that the React model is “…the most disruptive thing I’ve seen in my 25 years of media sales. I just wish we had more inventory to sell.” Coraci most recently served as eBay Advertising Automotive Head of Industry before joining React earlier this year. “We initially will only charge brands the same CPM (cost per thousand) as a TV commercial, which are unable to provide census-level proof of delivery, complete viewing, or comprehension. Brands will often receive ten times more brand impressions for each fully viewed commercial and reaction, at no surcharge whatsoever.”

React will be limiting its first year’s in-app inventory to no more than ten to twelve national brands, each projected to receive 70 million “reactions” and category exclusivity over the entire football season through the playoffs and “Big Game.” The company also intends to limit game day integrations to a single national radio and broadcast or cable network. “The entire offering is designed to reward the brands and networks that partner with us early,” adds Coraci.

To illustrate the capabilities of the Super Squares® ad delivery platform, React will be releasing its first white paper on Monday, June 8. The document will provide details of the one-of-a-kind insights Super Squares® advertisers will gain from every ad, served every time, to every audience member. Examples of information brands and agencies will exclusively receive include:

1)    Ad Delivery, Viewing, and Pod Completion. Each in-app Game Break consists of two 15 to 30 second commercials. The Company projects that at least 97% of all ads will be fully viewed each Game Break pod.

2)    Ad Replay. Users may decide to “Replay or Rate” the gamified advertising within each Game Break. The Classics beta saw 3% of ads served be replayed, with one (the Splice™ Games teaser ad premiere) seeing nearly 10% of players electing to re-watch for a second time. (Note: React currently does not intend to charge for replayed views of commercials).

3)    Census-level, demographically measured sentiment. As part of the “Replay or Rate It™” feature, players select from a simple 3-star sentiment rating, in order to advance to the next section of a Game Break. Each brand receives a Sentiment Report within hours of its ads being served. Over 97% of ads served receive a Sentiment Rating, and during Monday’s beta game, average ratings for the audience ranged from a low of 2.20 to a high of 2.67. The evening’s overall sentiment winner was a Home Depot “Home Needs” commercial; the highest among females at 2.81 was a VW Atlas Cross Sport spot featuring Paul Giamatti, and the highest among males at 2.68 was the Splice™ Games teaser.

4)    Gender and Age Banded Sentiment Differentiation. Because the entire audience of players, estimated to exceed one million per game show by the football post-season, is demographically registered, ad creative and sentiment can be compared across both genders and six age bands, on a zip code, MSA, and regional basis. The platform can reveal “polarizing” ads as well as consistently performing and underperforming ads across all demographic categories.

5)    Reaction Analysis, on a sector, brand, event and campaign-based basis. The most compelling and unique attributes provided to brands are the players’ responses to questions about each commercial’s content. Multiple choice questions are cleverly crafted to determine an ad’s ability to deliver its message, and the players’ ability to recall that information after the ad has been viewed (and re-viewed in some instances). Over time, with different questions asked over multiple exposures and weeks, brands will be able to determine if their messaging is comprehended and retained. Inaugural season Sponsors will have access to comparisons against other products and product sectors.

About React -
Founded by adtech and media measurement maverick Frank Maggio, React LLC is an experiential advertising technology and entertainment company that thinks of “advertising as a sport™.” By adrenalizing advertising™, React excites audiences with rewarding, branded two-screen experiences during the most viewed and attended sporting and media events in the world. The company’s commitment to “respect, protect, and reward attention” honors user privacy by never selling or sharing personally identifiable information. Details about React can be found at, and Super Squares® details are available at

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