Surrogacy is Increasingly Accepted as Just One More Way to Grow a Family, says Global Surrogacy Services

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The Los Angeles-based agency comments on a recent article that going through an agency provides a safer and smoother journey for intended parents and surrogates alike.

All kinds of people are now taking advantage of gestational surrogacy to grow their families.

Families turn to surrogacy for a number of reasons and it’s crucial all involved have the information they need to make an informed decision.

A December 24 article in The Salt Lake Tribune reports on the growing acceptance of surrogacy and the safeguards that are increasingly protecting everyone involved in the process of bringing a new child into the world. Naturally, the parental journey looks different for every family, and the article discusses the importance of careful consideration before entering into the surrogacy process, both for intended parents and potential gestational surrogates. As the article mentions, families turn to surrogacy for a number of reasons and it’s crucial all involved have the information they need to make an informed decision. Global Surrogacy Services says that one of its main goals is to provide intended parents and surrogates all of the necessary information needed to make a truly informed decision.

Global Surrogacy Services states that its team of highly experienced medical and legal professionals covers an extremely wide range of tasks. These include selecting the very best fertility specialists and obstetricians as well as finding the knowledgeable legal professions needed to navigate each aspect of the surrogacy journey appropriately. The firm adds that one of its most important offerings is its highly detailed screening process for women who are interested in becoming surrogates, which includes both physical and psychological screening. To become a surrogate is a life-changing decision and requires a special kind of woman who truly wants to help a family know the joy of parenthood and who is also physically and mentally ready to do so, says the agency.

Intended parents, as well as potential surrogates, will be interested in the basic requirements for a woman to become a surrogate with Global Surrogacy Services. Women should be between the ages of 21 to 38, must have previously given birth without complications, and must currently have a child at home. Naturally, it is also a requirement that the gestational surrogate is a non-smoker with a smoke-free household, has no history of substance abuse and must live in a generally safe and healthy environment. Of course, having a child under any circumstances is no small task and surrogates are compensated for their effort and time, says the agency. It notes that former-surrogates often take advantage of their windfall to make significant improvements in their lives such as going back to school or buying a long-needed family car.

As for intended parents, Global Surrogacy Services says that, while some intended parents try to go it alone, the medical and legal complexities involved with arranging a gestational surrogacy makes that not only a herculean task but one fraught with potential risks. With any task this complicated, it is best to allow professionals who understand the details handling the process. The agency notes that it has helped couples and individuals of all walks of life and orientations enjoy a smooth and fulfilling parental journey.

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