Survivor Chronicles, the voice for victims of DV/VAW, child abuse, teen dating violence, and all other forms of abuse, sponsored by Real Estate 1 Stop Shop, Inc.

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The nonprofit organization is sharing vendor tools of their founding company, Real Estate 1 Stop Shop, Inc., an Ai version of a VP of marketing, lead generation, and social media service, to provide administration, editing, and anonymity to survivors of abuse in an effort to generate resources to fight for their rights (i.e., legal, financial, etc.), while inspiring others to share their story.

Nonprofit Alexa Skills - Survivor Chronicles

Communities We Love On ~ a nonprofit organization has launched their own Amazon Alexa Skill - the VOICE of Survivor Stories

You just never know when a child is being kept silent, when a mother can’t leave an abuser for fear of losing life, or what other sources of coercive power and control a perpetrator is using to keep their victim and innocent children in a state of silence.

Seanna Smallwood, CEO of the Real Estate 1 Stop Shop, Inc. and founding CEO of Communities We Love On, Inc., a nonprofit organization announces the launching of their 3rd Amazon Alexa Skill this year. Although the first two skills are designed to engage users with premium information, and entertaining content, and a viable application for matching buyers and sellers for businesses at large, the newly certified skill, Communities We Love On, allows surviving victims of domestic violence, child abuse, teen dating violence, stalking, and sex trafficking survivors to use their webform to anonymously share their story.

As the Ai voice for the victim, the organization uses permission-based, anonymous sharing of their abuse in an effort to provide just a (little) relief for victims by through Amazon Alexa Skill and social media blasts of the physical, mental, emotional, and financial impact on their life and the lives of their loved ones as a result. The Ai application then delivers permission-based sharing to their network of third-party resources including plaintiff legal aid and protections, civil suit representation jurisdictional referrals, transitional housing, workforce reentry training, youth counseling, holistic healing, and other resources as needed for the victim.

The objective is to inspire #MeToo victims to come forth, even if it is to seek relief for a needed resource that could empower a child, teen, peers, or surviving adult to speak out, so that others will be inspired to follow. We are hoping to find philanthropists, legal aid supporters, lawyers, tax accountants, professional therapists, medical psychiatrists, and news journalists to help Survivor Chronicles gain as much exposure as possible.

Abuse, by definition, is a form of power and control over a victim. You just never know when a child is being kept silent, when a mother can’t leave an abuser for fear of the loss of life, or what other sources of coercive power and control a perpetrator is using to keep their victim and innocent children in a state of silence. The domestic violence pandemic is costing U.S. taxpayers Trillions of dollars per year due to a system that provides positive reinforcement to perpetrators of domestic violence, (Source)

Wesley Lord, the organization’s CTO and nonprofit Board Vice President, experienced in community outreach programs, has committed to providing weekly content to support survivors via their YouTube channel playlist, Communities We Love On. In his first video, Wesley quotes, “Choose positive emotions to have a fulfilling future. Let go of the anger and resentment that stands in your way. Forgiveness is the bridge to a fulfilling life.”

To access the Survivor Chronicles, enable the Communities We Love On skill in your Alexa Skills Console.

To join our Professional Support Network for victims of abuse, please contact the author.

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If you are in immediate danger, call 9-1-1.

For anonymous, confidential help, 24/7, please call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233 (SAFE) or 1-800-787-3224 (TTY).

If you are being abused by your partner, know there is nothing you have done or are doing to cause the abuse. It is solely the choice of the abuser to abuse. It may seem impossible to escape your abuser, change your circumstances, or find the help you need, but it is possible. However, you know your abuser best, so think carefully through your situation and circumstances and do what is the best for you.

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