Sync Energy Announces an Industry First-Look into Gridtech with a New eBook: “The Birth of Gridtech”

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The new ebook features vital insights into the world of gridtech, holding a promising future for utilities as the industry transitions to a more resilient and customer-focused future.

“With this new ebook, our mission is to accelerate the adoption of AI within electric utilities of all sizes by helping decision-makers break beyond perceived barriers.” said co-author Sayonsom Chanda, CEO at Sync Energy.

Bringing the utility industry closer to resilience by offering simplistic solutions to advance and strengthen the U.S. grid system, the Sync Energy team has released a new book titled “The Birth of Gridtech.” The ebook is now available to the public and can be found on the company website and aims to help energy industry professionals understand the value of Energy Artificial Intelligence (Energy AI) by laying a foundation for Gridtech. This newly released guidebook is the first comprehensive Gridtech document highlighting critical considerations for energy AI and grid infrastructure.

“With this new ebook, our mission is to accelerate the adoption of AI within electric utilities of all sizes by helping decision-makers break beyond perceived barriers,” said co-author Sayonsom Chanda, CEO at Sync Energy. “Many utilities today are not only facing increasing changes in weather conditions but are also behind on integration and innovation. We hope this ebook provides a clear deep dive of why AI holds a strong conversation in the industry.”

The Gridtech ebook hands utilities current best practices for energy AI and ensures that decision-makers understand energy AI and its innovative possibilities. The resource guides readers through essays, case studies and a series of scenarios to maximize benefits and mitigate risks. Sync Energy is also hosting live webinars that discuss Gridtech more in-depth, including a live look at current technologies in their early stages.

“We want readers to have the information they need to learn and make the best decisions faster and more efficiently,” said Robert Kabera, ebook co-author. “We work to empower utilities and build a more resilient and efficient grid system with energy AI. We are excited to work with utilities by helping them navigate through any grid challenges. Slow is smooth and smooth is fast!”

Based on Sync Energy’s lessons learned from previous and current developments, expertise, and the expertise of industry stakeholders, the ebook deepens utility operators’ understanding of Gridtech and the ever changing energy landscape. The Gridtech playbook develops roadmaps to explore what lies ahead for the industry, using Energy AI as a compass and building on new models such as the 5D grid modernization model for utilities.

“We are thrilled Sync Energy is part of the Techstars community,” said Nate Schmidt, managing director at Techstars Energytech Program. “Right now, the energy industry holds many challenges, including the surge of EV adoption, climate resiliency, grid modernization, and an increase of natural disasters. There are no defined set of tools that help transition new technologies to overcome these challenges. The new ebook shows how easy it is for utilities to adopt Energy AI technologies.”

Merging energytech, cleantech and regtech, Gridtech refers to various companies and technologies driven to improve the energy grid system. At its core, the ebook explores how Gridtech helps electric utilities enhance their reliability, resilience and relationships with their customers by providing technologies that augment their mission. The ebook also offers critical case studies and analysis of how S.M.A.R.T. vegetation works, including models that help reduce increasing power outages while requiring no further optimization and engineer intervention while it operates.

“Utilities need new tools to remain competitive with new grid technologies and this ebook offers a comprehensive guide to the innovative research that could help them modernize using NVIDIA’s accelerated computing platform,” said Keith Cockerham, Utilities Industry Lead at NVIDIA. “A member of NVIDIA Inception, our acceleration platform for AI startups, Sync Energy clearly has advanced knowledge and understanding of AI and data science to this field.”

About Sync Energy, Inc.

Sync Energy, Inc., a Techstars Alabama as well as Plug and Play Energy Accelerator portfolio company, develops efficient no-code AI-based predictive simulations and analytics that streamline planning and operations for electrical utilities, especially during emergencies and disaster events. Sync delivers to end-users via web applications, smartphone apps, and REST APIs. Sync can be hosted on your company's private cloud or our servers located in the exact location as your utility.

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