Talknowledge Announces Groundbreaking Technology to Disable Firearms and Create Safe Zone Shields in Public Places

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Files Patent and Launches GoFundMe Campaign to Raise Funds for Consumer Testing; Portion of Proceeds to be Donated to Gun Violence Causes

“Imagine if accidental shootings did not happen and we could send our children to school without fear of active shooters. With ShotBlock, we have the technology to turn what if’s into today’s reality."

Talknowledge, LLC announces groundbreaking technology for the world’s first digital firearm management system, ShotBlock, designed to automatically deactivate firearms and activate physical countermeasures upon the detection of unauthorized motion, use, proximity or location of firearms. ShotBlock’s innovative technology integrates software, hardware, and sensors that work together to disable firearms and provide public places the ability to create Safe Zones using digital shields in which firearms are disabled upon entering.

The company filed an application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for the technology, and it is seeking the public’s support with a GoFundMe campaign, launched today, to begin testing the product which is expected to be available in early 2020. A portion of all funds raised from the GoFundMe campaign will be donated to organizations and survivors of gun violence and accidental firearm deaths.

“Imagine if accidental shootings did not happen and we could send our children to school without fear of active shooters,” said Talknowledge owner and ShotBlock inventor, Chis Baker. “With ShotBlock, we have the technology to turn what if’s into today’s reality, and we’re looking forward to the public’s support which will allow us to go to market in early 2020.”

ShockBlock’s suite of trademark products will include:

  • ShotBlock™ Firearm Safety Kit for owners both on and off Firearms Risk Lists
  • ShotBlock™ Site Safety Kits for Site Managers of public, private and government locations
  • ShotBlock™ Enterprise Software for 1) Security Service Providers who manage firearm owners not on any Firearms Risk Lists and Site Managers for non-government, state, and police controlled locations; and 2) Law Enforcement Service Providers who manage firearm owners on Firearms Risk Lists and Site Managers for government, state, and police controlled locations

For firearm owners, ShotBlock™ Firearm Safety Kit will be installed on the handgun they already own by a technician, and the ShotBlock App will be downloaded on a mobile device, which will allow users to monitor and enable or disable a firearm from anywhere in the world. Firearm owners can monitor on their own, or they can opt for a third-party management service, similar to that of a home alarm system. For a monthly monitoring fee, the service provider will monitor the firearm and, if moved, will disable it and notify the owner and police immediately. To protect privacy rights, only the user or the third-party monitoring service, if selected, can monitor the location and status of the firearm. The only time anyone’s ShotBlock-protected firearm is ever disabled without consent is inside a Safe Zone, which will be visible and noticeably marked.

In public places such as schools, houses of worships, office buildings, parks, and more, the ShotBlock™ Site Safety Kits, including sensors, beacons, door locks and bulletproof barriers, can be installed around the property. A digital shield around the Safe Zone will be enabled by installing ShotBlock™ Enterprise Software on computers and mobile phones of security and administrators. Upon firearm detection, doors and bulletproof barriers will automatically lock, the firearm will be disabled, and audible alarms will sound, notifying people inside to run to designated areas. Law enforcement will receive automatic notifications when a Safe Zone has been breached and will no longer need to wait for 9-1-1 calls, resulting in more lives saved.

Law Enforcement officials will also be able to oversee the installation and management of firearms for owners on Firearm Risk Lists. If a firearm owner on a Firearm Risk List breaks the terms of their parole or probation terms, firearm can be automatically disabled with ShotBlock™ Enterprise Software.

“With increasing accessibility to firearms coupled with the diminishing capabilities to monitor and enforce responsible use, I saw a need to create a solution to address the inevitable dangers. We created the technology not to takeaway anyone’s right to bear arms, regulate the gun industry, side with any political view, or infringe on privacy rights, but for the sake of the 58% of Americans impacted by gun violence, for the lives lost at schools, public gatherings, airports, nightclubs, places of business and houses of worship,” said Baker.

For more than 40 years, Baker, a Federal Firearm Licensee, worked in various roles as an inventor, systems technologist, computer and engineering architect, program manager and entrepreneur. As a Department of Defense (DoD) contractor for Lockheed Martin Corporation (LMC) he developed software, firmware and hardware for many DoD systems including a digital and analog satellite ground communication systems for the Air Force Satellite Control Network (AFSCN), and he architected and implemented the world’s first Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) over satellite DoD system that was globally deployed and is still in use today to serve warfighters around the world. He has also designed muzzle speed reduction solutions for several types of firearms.

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About ShotBlock
ShotBlock is a digital firearm management system that integrates software, hardware, and sensors that work together to: 1) disable personal firearms that have been moved or tampered with or detected in a gun-free zone; 2) automatically secures nearby locations with countermeasures such as automated door locks, bulletproof barriers, alarms, phone/message alerts; and 3) allows both security providers and law enforcement officials to monitor their respective accounts by establishing Safe (Gun-free) Zones and firearm safety settings for Owners and Site Managers. For more information, visit

About Talknowledge
Talknowledge, LLC is a technology integration and development company founded in 2005 on the premise of integrating the world’s latest technologies with the world’s largest challenges. The company was created by Chris Baker, a 40-year industry veteran, inventor, Federal Firearm Licensee and Department of Defense (DoD) contractor who developed software, firmware and hardware for many DoD systems that are globally deployed and used today to serve warfighters around the world.

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