Targeted Regulation of Stabilizing Braces Creates Millions of Felons Overnight in U.S.

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The Ruling by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and the Department of Justice forces registration of stabilizing braces on pistols or surrendering them ─ and echoes moments in U.S. history when tyrannical laws were implemented, violating the American people’s rights says Adams Arms president, Jason East. Targeting sales and operation of stabilizing braces, an accessory, creates 10-40 million criminals overnight, a number which includes a significant portion of disabled veterans for whom the stabilizing brace was developed.

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The forced removal of a stabilizing brace from a pistol that has been modified echoes a time a period in early U.S. history in which tyranny tried to rule – before the U.S. Constitution became law.

In 2012, Army veteran Alex Bosco invented the pistol stabilizing brace allowing wounded veterans to practice their constitutional rights. He sent the design to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) for approval. The ATF approved it for use on an AR15 pistol. The invention was welcomed by many, and pistol braces sold in vast numbers. “Who would consider reneging on this operation-enhancing accessory designed for U.S. veterans? Unfortunately, our own U.S. government,” states Adams Arms President, Jason East. The ATF is pushing for, and the Department of Justice has passed, a ruling regulating sales and operation of the stabilizing braces. (1)

There are an estimated 393 million firearms owned by 72 million American civilians – or roughly 40% of Americans. (2) “When the stabilizing brace accessory is targeted for regulated sales and operation, the result is millions of Americans becoming criminals overnight, including many disabled veterans,” points out East. For Rick Cicero, an Army veteran who lost his right arm and leg in an explosion in Afghanistan, it takes away his purpose in life: firearms instruction and veteran rehabilitation. The veteran argues that the ruling violates the Americans with Disabilities Act. (3)

In the ruling manufacturers, dealers and individual owners have 120 days to register their National Firearms Act (NFA) stabilizing braces on short-barreled rifles converted from pistols to the ATF tax-free. They may also remove the stabilizing brace or surrender any pistol modified by a stabilizing brace to the ATF. (1)

[For definition, a pistol has a barrel shorter than 16 inches and a rifle has a minimum length of 16 inches. (4) A buttstock or stock is designed to allow support of a rifle when held against the shoulder to offset recoil. A stabilizing brace is designed to add support when held against the forearm or bend of the elbow for single hand operation of a pistol. (5)]

“The forced removal of a stabilizing brace from a pistol that has been modified echoes a time a period in early U.S. history in which tyranny tried to rule – before the U.S. Constitution became law,” argues East.

East questions the motives and language of the U.S. government targeted regulation on the sale and operation of stabilizing braces. As he states, “If having manufacturers and owners register their stabilizing braces to the ATF, remove stabilizing braces from pistols, or surrender any pistol modified by a stabilizing brace to the ATF is not a regulated prohibition, by allowing this violation of our Constitutional rights it begs the question of what registration and regulation is next.”

As president of firearms manufacturer, Adams Arms, and an advocate for the U.S. Constitution, East warns “Do not take tyrannical steps by making criminals out of millions of law-abiding citizens, including millions of disabled veterans. This is a dangerous precedent and one reminiscent of times in the early history of the U.S. when a government tried to threaten citizen’s lives.”

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