Teen Drivers Can Get Better Car Insurance Rates If They Follow The Next Safe Driving Tips

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Lowestcarinsuranceratesonline.com (http://www.lowestcarinsuranceratesonline.com) announces a new blog post, "Safe Driving Tips For Teens"

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“Teen drivers are more exposed to accidents and insurance companies compensate with more expensive premiums. It is important to learn how to be a safe driver and protect your life”, said Russell Rabichev, Marketing Director of Internet Marketing Company.

Lowestcarinsuranceratesonline.com has released a new blog that presents the best safe driving tips for teens.

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Teenage drivers are more prone to be involved in accidents. A combination of lack of experience, immature behavior and distracted driving make teens to be considered high-risk. Insurance companies charge teens with the most expensive premiums. Being a safe driver for the long term may reduce insurance costs. Find out more and get free quotes from http://www.lowestcarinsuranceratesonline.com.

Safety driving tips teens should always follow:

  •     Check the car before driving. Before hitting the road, check the gauge levels, adjust mirrors and make sure that all headlights are working properly.
  •     Stay focused. When driving, a person must be able to think and react quickly. This is impossible when not focusing on the road ahead. Pay attention to speed in relation to the given speed limit, road conditions, observed traffic laws, signs, and those around you.
  •     Avoid distracted driving with all costs. Whether the distraction comes in the form of enjoying a snack, sipping a cup of coffee, or a ringing cell phone, they can all end in tragedy. For that reason, it’s important to cut down on distractions however possible. Close the phone when driving, avoid eating, drinking, grooming or letting animals lose inside the car.
  •     Avoid tailgating. When sitting close to the car ahead, there is always the possibility it will suddenly stop. Without sufficient space in between, a collision is almost imminent. Drivers should implement the so-called “3-4 seconds rule”. Drivers should allow three to four seconds of following distance between them and the driver ahead of them in order to ensure there is sufficient time to brake to a stop if it becomes necessary.
  •     Do not drive when tired or sleepy. Lack of sleep impairs judgment, reflexes and ability to process information, which are essential to keeping a driver alive on the road.
  •     Obey the speed limits. Speeding is a factor in nearly 30 percent of fatal crashes involving teen drivers. If weather conditions are bad, slow down. Being caught speeding will result in a traffic violation ticket. Besides paying fines, the teen will also receive more expensive insurance premiums.
  •     Always be on defensive. Being a good driver is not sufficient on the roads. Other traffic participants may be really terrible drivers. Be prepared to deal with bad or drunk drivers, adverse weather conditions, unsafe actions of other drivers and pedestrians and other road hazards.

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