Telematics Car Insurance Can Help Drivers Pay Cheaper Premiums

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“Telematics have changed the face of the car insurance industry. With their help, drivers can obtain fair insurance premiums based on their driving behavior.”, said Russell Rabichev, Marketing Director of Internet Marketing Company. has launched a new blog post that presents the most important aspects of telematics car insurance and how drivers can save money.

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Telematics devices can provide real-time data that measure driver behavior and help insurance companies understand their risk. Data like miles clocked, acceleration & deceleration, cornering speed, etc. is collected by the telematics system. The data is used by the insurance companies to determine the risk associated with a policyholder’s driving events.

Insurance companies provide telematics devices that connect with GPS and onboard electronics to record driving behavior. Different telematics systems use different devices to record driving data. The most common devices are the following:

  • Mobile application. An app provided by the insurer uses the smartphone sensors to track driver-behavior data. The app sends data from the phone to the central server of the insurance company. These apps can monitor braking, speed, acceleration, and cornering. All major insurers provide the option to use mobile applications for tracking driving behavior.
  • Bluetooth-assisted devices. These are self-powered fixed vehicle devices that use the smartphone’s network to send data to the provider. These devices enable direct association of the trip data with the insured vehicle.
  • OBD II port. A device is plugged into the OBD II port and can transmit data such as driver behavior, speeding, mileage, etc. using the cellular network.
  • 12 V connector. Some companies offer plug and play devices that are useful for customers who may not have OBD II port connectivity. These devices can transmit driver behavior data to the smartphone over Bluetooth.
  • OEM. Some car manufacturers can equip their cars with in-built telematics functionality. OnStar by General Motors and mBrace by Mercedes are OEM installed telematics systems that come with additional functionalities.

The benefits of telematics for the policyholders are the following:

  • Cheaper premiums. Good drivers can benefit from a lower rate that accurately measures their risk factor. Insurance providers will determine the premiums based on the policyholder’s driving behavior and location rather than its lifestyle, home address, and credit score.
  • Driver feedback. Drivers can get reports and driver feedback from data generated from the telematics system. These can help drivers improve their driving and reduce the chance of an accident.
  • Connected cars. Cars that have in-built systems can access value-added services such as automatic emergency notification that dispatches emergency services to the car’s location if airbags are deployed, remote unlocking, etc.
  • Theft protection. Besides tracking a stolen vehicle, telematics can also prevent a car from starting, or they can reduce the speed of a stolen vehicle that is involved in a police chase.
  • Transparent claim process. Telematics can help insurance providers determine who is at-fault in an accident.

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