The 3 Best Business Applications of Emerging Tech – Plus, the Top 33 IOT and AR/VR Agencies, According to DesignRush

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There will be over 30 billion IOT devices and 1 billion AR users by the year 2020 – and DesignRush determined how these emerging tech tactics can be integrated into businesses most effectively.

“Emerging technology is slowly becoming the differentiator between successful brands and those striving for success,” says DesignRush Founder and Executive Director Gabriel Shaoolian.

Research shows there will be over 30 billion IOT devices and 1 billion AR users by 2020, proving that technology is a growing strategy for brands., a B2B marketplace connecting brands with agencies, discovered the three best applications of emerging technology like the Internet of Things and AR/VR.

The three best business applications of emerging technology include:

1. Mobile Apps
Mobile apps are the most obvious platform that can have the Internet of Things and AR/VR integrated into them.

Brands can create mobile applications for the Internet of Things devices – such as a smartwatch – or a traditional mobile app that allows users to better interact with an IoT device, like a home security system.

Additionally, AR/VR provide an engaging experience that allows consumers to connect with a brand. Examples of this include augmented reality apps that allow users to virtually place products in their real-life environment, virtual reality apps that immerse users in a different location, and more.

2. Multimedia
IOT and AR/VR can be applied to different forms of multimedia, such as videos, voice control, digital marketing, and more.

This integration can allow consumers to learn more about brands, create a hands-free UX experience, and even improves internal employee training and onboarding.

3. User Experience-Centric Products
The Internet of Things and AR/VR can power products designed to improve user experience. After all, the best products are those that identify a problem that consumers face and rectify it.

Some examples of high-tech products that are strongly based in user experience include:

  • Smartwatches
  • Smart thermometers
  • Programmable coffee pots
  • And more

“Emerging technology is slowly becoming the differentiator between successful brands and those striving for success,” says DesignRush Founder and Executive Director Gabriel Shaoolian. “Businesses that take the time to incorporate new technologies will be able to better serve their customers, which will foster longevity in the marketplace.”

DesignRush’s Agency Listing section features the top local and global Internet Of Things firms and augmented reality/virtual reality companies. Some of the top IOT companies and top AR/VR agencies include:

1. Appsky
Appsky is a human-centered creative agency that specializes in design, software and consulting. They are based in Omaha, NE and focus on building custom solutions for hybrid mobile apps and progressive web apps (PWAs), WordPress websites and e-commerce, and full graphic design and branding.

Visit Appsky at

2. ARloopa Inc.    
ARloopa Inc. is an augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) app and game development company, which provides advanced AR and VR services, such as cloud-based augmented reality services, custom branded augmented reality app and game development, virtual reality app and game development, 2D and 3D content creation, and more. ARLOOPA uses augmented reality, image-recognition and computer vision technology to convert the real world into content-rich, interactive experiences. They enable magic and blend new content into the user's real-life environment with the Augmented Reality (AR) technology.

Visit ARloopa Inc. at

3. AR-Watches    
AR-Watches is an innovative startup featuring an Augmented Reality app, which allows to virtually try on watches while shopping online. The solution is specially designed for the watches industry for addressing issues like returns rate reduction and elimination of online watch shopping barriers.

Visit AR-Watches at

AUGMENTes provides customized digital shopping solutions with a complete managed service that help retailers and brands increase their online and in-store sales using Augmented Reality (AR), Mobile Applications and Omni-Channel Shopping Platforms. Their solutions attract and engage consumers across digital and physical environments utilizing cutting edge features including AR viewing and try on, 3D viewing, augmented digital catalogs, product customization, beacons, geo-fencing, push notifications, and more to entice purchases. AUGMENTes provides technologies that range from plug-ins to full turnkey Omni-Channel platforms that carry out transactions, synchronize inventory and promotions across online, in-store, mobile and social channels from a single dashboard and easily integrate into other systems such as ERP, POS and CRM.

Visit AUGMENTes at

5. BundlAR        
BundlAR specializes in augmented reality solutions for businesses and institutions. They are a market leader with innovative AR technology featuring our proprietary API, Content Management System (CMS), and Mobile App Platform. BundlAR provides a variety of AR solutions including PublishReality for printers, publishers and marketers, eXpoReality for trade shows and conventions, and CampusReality for higher education and museums. BundlAR technology simplifies the process of incorporating cutting-edge augmented reality technology into corporate and institutional initiatives. BundlAR is revolutionizing publishing, marketing, trade shows, campus life, training, tours, client-service, immersive experiences, product packaging, and more. The BundlAR team incorporates industry-leading technology and a culture of superior client service to create a customer base of raving fans.

Visit BundlAR at

6. Cantina
Cantina is an experience strategy, design, and development agency headquartered in Boston, MA. They work customer-focused organizations to harness the power of design and technology to deliver experiences that matter. Their approach aligns research, human-centered design, and technology to build elegant and meaningful digital products and services. Fortune 500 companies and rapidly growing startups turn to Cantina to help them identify opportunities for innovation and growth, and to design, develop and deliver products and services that improve lives.

Visit Cantina at

7. Chapter247 Infotech
Chapter247 Infotech is a full-service software partner specialized in architecting, designing and developing tech solutions by binding Web, IoT, Analytics, AI and Cloud technologies. Their global clients include organizations right from Enterprise, Midsize to startups. In the past 6 years, they have launched over 100 products with ambitious clients in industries like E-commerce, financial services, healthcare, education, shipping, energy, and retail.

Visit Chapter247 Infotech at

8. Climbax Entertainment Private Limited
Climbax aims to bridge the gap between the real and the virtual world by developing customized solutions in the field of Virtual Reality, 2D/3D Animations and VFX, Films & Media, Digital Marketing, and Software, Mobile App and Web Development. Currently, they offer services in VR experiences, web, app and software development, social media marketing, SEO, PPC, lead generation, PR, brand positioning, 2S/3D animations, VFX and more.

Visit Climbax Entertainment at

9. Code Authority
Code Authority was founded in 2001 and is headquartered in Frisco, Texas. With offices in Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Shreveport, Albuquerque, and Little Rock, Code Authority is the Central Southwest's go-to firm for custom software, mobile applications, website design and development, digital marketing, interactive UI/UX, and cloud solutions.

Visit Code Authority at

10. CognitiveClouds
CognitiveClouds helps top startups and companies build remarkable web, mobile and tablet products. The products they build help early-stage startups raise millions and established companies crush their sales targets. They are among a handful of companies who can turn simple sketches into fully featured products that work on any device. Focus is what creates value, so they utilize their proven process to take clients’ first version product across the finish line. They work with diverse founders and product owners in industries that range from agriculture to travel.

Visit CognitiveClouds at

11. Construct Studio            
Construct Studio is a full-service interactive experience production firm. They specialize in unique, immersive experiences for a variety of platforms. Whether brands are looking for a mobile Augmented Reality (AR) experience to a full-blown Virtual Reality (VR) game production, Construct Studio can help. Their team of creative thinkers is well versed in interactive design in VR/AR, so a client’s experience will truly take users to a new place. They pride themselves on quality and forging new solutions to technical problems in order to create the best work possible. They use our custom developed tool VERA to speed up content development - helping to create more immersive experiences at a lower cost.

Visit Construct Studio at

12. CroatiaTech    
CroatiaTech is a European-American future technology development agency that exclusively offers senior level talent. They focus on providing fine-tuned tech solutions that are high in quality and at a better price than any competing local company. They offer services such as virtual reality and augmented reality, software development, SEO, PPC, paid social, web development, machine learning, AI, graphic design, and more. With offices in Salt Lake City and Croatia, they are able to offer round the clock coverage.

Visit CroatiaTech at

13. Foundry 45
Foundry 45 is an immersive development firm that specializes in augmented and virtual reality for enterprise customers. They work closely with advertising and marketing agencies as well as internal training and marketing teams to build digital experiences that replicate or even improve upon real-world environments. Marketing departments connect users with their products, environment and people by fully immersing them in their culture and brand, while training programs are shifting to encompass experiential learning techniques with the use of VR & AR technology.

Visit Foundry 45 at

14. Grata Software
We work with you to turn your ideas into high-growth cloud-based web and mobile applications. Whether the solution is an internal business process optimization, a B2B or B2C solution, Grata Software has done it all. As Amazon Web Solution Consulting partners, they ensure the applications we develop and manage are highly scalable, secure, elastic and mobile.

Visit Grata Software at

15. Hybrid VR        
Hybrid VR is a virtual reality development firm that specializes in branded VR content for VR marketing, VR training, and VR activations. They develop fun and engaging experiences from concept to event presentation. They are platform agnostic, with capabilities to develop experiences for the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Microsoft Hololens, etc. They also develop augmented reality apps for any tablet or AR application.

Visit Hybrid VR at

16. Igloo Vision
Igloo Vision is the shared VR company. Based in rural Shropshire, Igloo Vision also has offices in London, the USA and Canada, and is planning to open in other locations around the world. In its ten-year history, Igloo Vision has worked on hundreds of Immersive VR projects for many of the world’s biggest brands. Igloo Vision designs, develops and delivers immersive 360° domes, cylinders, and all of the enabling technologies to play VR and 360°video content as a shared group experience. Igloo Vision offers a range of Igloo projection domes and projection cylinders, ranging from 5 to 21 meters in diameter.

Visit Igloo Vision at

17. LCloud Ltd.
LCloud is a company based in Warsaw, specializing in designing, migrating and building infrastructure in the Amazon Web Services environment. Their clients include such brands as Sharp, The Guardian, and Nutricia. The LCloud team consists of experts from Poland and Ukraine certified by Amazon. They have many years of unique design experience in working with the most advanced AWS services. They test all the new products launched by Amazon to use in customer implementations. They have accumulated competencies that allow them to implement the most advanced and modern projects.

Visit LCloud Ltd. at

18. Marxent
Marxent is the leading omnichannel 3D design and visualization company. They are inspired by imaging the future of the customer experience. It’s a future where customers can shop with confidence by fully experiencing their purchase before they buy. From their proprietary 3D Room Designer with Photo to Floorplan™ to their patent-pending MxT AR tracking initialization and the most powerful and flexible 3D CMS on the planet, their goal is to make deploying an enterprise 3D content strategy foolproof and cost-efficient.

Visit Marxent at

19. Melcher Studios            
Melcher Studios is an interactive production agency that provides interactive solutions and proactive marketing for every size of business. Specializing in virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, game development, websites, e-learning and mobile apps, there is little they can’t do to help tell each brand’s story! They pride themselves on the customer-focused dedication only a small business can provide and the interactive design quality of a large corporation that they also provide.

Visit Melcher Studios at

20. Navtech
Navtech is well known to be one of the Best Mobile App development companies in this world since 2013. They always keep running with a bundle of youthful and energetic software designers. Their Cloud Computing Services with a vision to deliver secure and cost-effective solutions for public, private and hybrid cloud services. Their solutions enable customers to harbor the benefits of a cloud platform without compromising its agility and efficiency.

Visit Navtech at

21. N-iX
N-iX is an Eastern European provider of software development services with over 800 expert software engineers onboard that power innovative technology businesses. Since 2002, they have formed strategic partnerships with a variety of global industry leaders including OpenText, Novell, Lebara, Currency Cloud and over 50 other medium and large-scale businesses. With delivery centers in Ukraine and Poland, they deliver excellence in software engineering and deep expertise in a range of verticals including finance, healthcare, hospitality, telecom, energy and enterprise content management helping our clients to innovate and implement technology transformations.

Visit N-iX at

22. Pufferfish
Pufferfish is a world leader in digital display technology, designing unique visualization and engagement solutions for a global customer base, including, among others, AT&T, The BBC, Honeywell, Kodak, IBM and Shell. Pufferfish has an unrivaled reputation for premium solution provision including application and content development services.

Visit Pufferfish at

23. Seed Interactive            
Seed is an award-winning virtual reality and augmented reality gaming company with a vision of revolutionizing the entertainment, health and wellness and education sectors. SEED has worked with clients including Tim Hortons, Boston Pizza, Molson Canadian and several national Canadian museums to craft the future of interactive storytelling on a variety of media from mobile to virtual reality. Their game publishing studio, Illumination Games has enjoyed over 2 million downloaded games worldwide and they continue to expand its offering in the console market with the Nintendo Switch.

Visit Seed Interactive at

24. SMACAR Solutions
SMACAR Solutions is a US-based technology solutions provider launched in July of 2016 with operations in Chennai, Tamil Nadu and Cherry Hill, New Jersey. They aim to become a global player in the field of Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud (SMAC) and Augmented Reality (AR). They help businesses combine this visual discovery technology with their existing or new Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud (SMAC) based technologies.

Visit SMACAR Solutions at

25. Swag Soft
Swag Soft is one of the top mobile app and game development companies in Singapore. Since 2010, it has been developing enterprise solutions and games for companies and government statutory boards. Recent examples are Porterfetch - a food delivery website and mobile app, an educational virtual world.

Visit Swag Soft at

26. Think Future Technologies
Think Future Technologies Pvt. Ltd (TFT) is a CMMI Level 3 Certified IT service provider, a leader in Independent Testing Services, Web Application & Mobile Development. TFT has been ranked amongst Deloitte’s top 50 fastest growing companies and is a trusted partner for global companies like Apple, Adobe, Microsoft, Sauce Labs, Secure Rack and X-Studios.

Visit Think Future Technologies at

27. Trekk    
Trekk is a tech-driven creative services agency obsessed with exploration. They believe that problems are identified by the curious and solved by the courageous. Whether a client’s challenge is building an unforgettable brand, engaging their audience, or cultivating loyalty, Trekk starts by asking the right questions... and they’re not afraid to try new things to get the right answers.

Visit Trekk at

28. Tvisha Technologies Pvt LTD
Tvisha Technologies is a leading mobile app development company that delivers the best in the industry across all industries and domains. They have developed over 250+ applications in Android, iOS, native and hybrid. They have a team of 200+ finely polished professionals who are experts in project management, code development, web designing, UI/UX design, quality assurance, business analytics, intelligence, and many other verticals.

Visit Tvisha Technologies at

29. Two Words
Two Words is a solutions engineering company, formed by merging two diverse tech companies and, using the technology we aim to enthuse organizations for Branding, automation, and efficiency. They work with artists, businesses, multinational organizations, start-ups, and visionaries.

Visit Two Words at

30. VR Motion Corp
VR Motion builds products that power virtual reality experiences for the transportation industry, using off-the-shelf Virtual Reality hardware. They enable enterprise clients like transportation and delivery fleets, law enforcement and military to reduce risks and save money on their training and recruitment costs. VR driver training has been proven to teach drivers specific skills using a fully-immersive environment that only VR can offer.

Visit VR Motion Corp at

31. VR Vision            
VR Vision is an extended reality company that provides immersive technology solutions for business. They provide virtual reality, augmented reality, 3D 360 video, and web and mobile apps!

Visit VR Vision at

32. VusionVR
VusionVR is an end-to-end virtual reality production house and Canadian leader in producing, capturing, and delivering 360° video and immersive virtual reality experiences. Their virtual reality production process delivers beautiful, unforgettable virtual reality experiences that help brands forge new and deeper connections with their audiences.

Visit VusionVR at

33. WaveAccess
WaveAccess is a result focused software development company that provides high-quality software development services to hundreds of emerging and established companies globally. They use their technical expertise to increase business efficiencies, optimize slow or unreliable systems, recover projects that have gone off track and bring ambitious ideas to life.

Visit WaveAccess at

Brands can view the best IOT companies and AR/VR firms by rates, expertise, experience, case studies, reviews and more on DesignRush. Users can easily filter to compare Internet Of Things agencies and augmented reality/virtual reality companies and find the top experts who can develop emerging technology tactics that grow their business well.        

About DesignRush: is a B2B marketplace connecting brands with agencies.

DesignRush features the top agencies around the world, including the best Internet Of Things Companies, AR/VR Agencies, Digital Agencies, Logo Design, Digital Marketing, Website Design, eCommerce Web Design Companies, and more.

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