The Best Places Where Drivers Can Get Free Car Insurance Quotes Online

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"The internet can help drivers that are looking for an insurance deal to save time and money", said Russell Rabichev, Marketing Director of Internet Marketing Company. has launched a new blog post that presents the best places from the internet that can help drivers get free online car insurance quotes.

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The internet is the perfect place for drivers that are looking for better car insurance deals. Before the internet, drivers could have spent hours to obtain a small number of quotes from a few insurance companies. Nowadays, the internet allows drivers to obtain many quotes and compare them in just a few minutes.

The best sources from the internet to obtain free car insurance quotes are:

  • Insurers websites. The vast majority of insurance providers own a website that provides quotation services to their potential customers. Drivers will only need to fil an online questionnaire in order to get several price estimates. However, going to the site of an insurance company to obtain quotes has its disadvantages. One disadvantage is that drivers will get quotes only from a single insurance company. To obtain quotes from different providers, drivers will have to visit different insurers websites and complete a questionnaire for every site.
  • Brokerage websites. Many drivers consider that brokerage websites are the ideal places to obtain quotes. Brokerage websites work together with multiple insurance companies. Drivers that visit a brokerage website will have to fil only one questionnaire in order to receive quotes from multiple insurance companies. With the help of brokerage websites, drivers can discover offers made by local or regional insurers. These relatively unknown insurers can offer better insurance offers than nationwide insurers. All insurers that offer insurance deals will have to adhere to the same set of questions provided by the brokerage website. By doing so, the significant price differences that drivers get when filling quotes at different insurers' sites will be gone.
  • Local insurance department. This is not exactly the place from where a driver can obtain car insurance quotes, but instead, drivers can find out more details about car insurance companies. Drivers can easily find a list of top insurers and some basic rate surveys.

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